You Can Finally Paint Your Nails During A Blackout, Just Like You've Always Wanted

Thing you didn't know you needed: nail polish with a light-up cap!
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February 10, 2014
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Have you ever been in the middle of doing your nails when suddenly you have a power outage? Yeah, me neither. But it could happen! I'm gonna go ahead and make a confident guess that that's more likely to happen than getting hit by the lightning that caused the blackout.

So, let's imagine for a moment that it does happen. If finishing the manicure is a higher priority to you than, say, checking the fusebox (I'm honestly not even sure where mine is, because I'm the best adult) or calling the power company to see what's up, you could bumble around in the dark looking for a flashlight or a candle and matches to light up your little nail-doing station, but we all know said bumbling will probably lead to messing up what you've already painted.

If only your chosen nail polish had a light-up cap-brush combo!

Have you guys figured out what I'm about to introduce you to yet?

Cuccio Colour is a line of nail polishes that, frankly, I hadn't really heard of prior to 2014. But when it came to my attention a few weeks ago, I zeroed in on not the truly awesome array of colors or the professional-level formulas; my eyes went straight to the LED cap.

Usually, when the term LED is tossed around within the context of nails, it's referring to the lamps used to cure gel polish. In the case of Cuccio's not-gel polishes (though they do have a light-cured collection), LED is simply the genius way they light up their brush-cap.

The top of the cap has a rubbery on/off button, so the light goes on only when you need it. Or when you feel like seeing nail polish lit up in its bottle for no reason other than coooooooool.

I decided to put the cap to the test by asking my friend Colleen to paint her nails in the dark. (I've been stress-picking my nails lately, so I wasn't about to subject you to photos of them.)

She chose a non-opaque glitter polish, Remix, because she was nervous about doing her nails under the darkened circumstances and it's OK if glitter turns out imperfect. Also because we were watching Insidious, which makes her physically shake in anticipation of the scary parts.

As you can see from the easy-to-discern "you can't sit with us" look on the Louis Vuitton ad model's face, the cap really lights up the immediate area.

Colleen reported back--well, I was sitting sort of next to/behind her, so she just turned a little towards me and said--that she would definitely feel confident using a regular opaque color in the dark with Cuccio's LED cap.

And in case you were wondering why you REALLY NEED Cuccio's LED-cap nail polish, here are several other reasons besides wanting to do your nails during a blackout:

• Doing your nails in bed while your partner is in a NyQuil coma.

• Doing your nails in the car on the way to the club, as long as you're not the one driving. (Colleen's idea.)

• Doing your nails at night during a camping trip you didn't really want to go on.

• Doing your nails at the movies because you're an inconsiderate jerk.

See more colors and find out where you can buy Cuccio Colour nail polishes at, which is fun to say.

Do you think you'd ever find yourself in a situation where these nail polishes would come in handy?