2 Nail Polish Hacks For Sloppy Painters

Elmer's vs. Liquid Palisades. The battle is on!
Publish date:
January 13, 2015
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Nail art is not my forte. My-13 year-old cousin puts me to shame with her tiny stamping tools and professional-looking designs. Me? I like it easy. A couple of coats of nude and I'm happy. I typically stay away from darker colors, both out of preference and because application can be less than forgiving. Enter Liquid Palisade.

If you've ever tried the Elmer's glue hack, Liquid Palisades works the same way. Using the brush applicator, product is applied around your cuticles, acting as a barrier between your nail polish and your skin.

But at $22 a tube, is Liquid Palisades really better than the trusty Elmer's hack?

Personally, I find the Elmer's glue method finicky and time consuming. Seeing as I am impatient with nail polish in general, waiting around for glue to dry isn't ideal.

Here's how Liquid Palisades stacks up...

BTW: Both peeling-off processes felt equally satisfying.

The Results

Truthfully, if you are a patient person, both do a fine job when it comes to simple nail polish application. Liquid Palisade will just get you there faster.

Bonus Negative Space Nail Art Use

Where Liquid Palisades product really shines is nail art! Remember Zoe’s amazing negative space manicure? This product opens up so many possibilities.

This stuff dries a whole lot faster than regular glue, and the brush makes application smoother. The purple color is also perfect when it comes to seeing what you’re doing. The smell is similar to eyelash glue--so perhaps that's a good hack to try?

Another cool thing: When the glue dries you can actually reshape it on your nail, in case you made any mistakes. I corrected some wonky lines with a toothpick.

Peel off the Liquid Palisade, finish with top coat, and you're good to go.

Some Tips:

  • Avoid too many coats of polish, which makes the product harder to peel off.
  • Peeling off the product while the varnish is still wet is easier, too.
  • Don't brush the product on too thick.

I kept it simple with a nude negative space nail.

Overall, I'm down with Liquid Palisade. It's compact, easy to use, and doesn't make a mess.

  • How real is your nail polish struggle? Do you find it hard to stay inside the lines?
  • Have you ever tried the Elmer's glue hack?