Awesome Drugstore Press-Ons & Nail Art To Try

Prepare to seriously up your nail art game (with very little effort and dollars) in 2015.
Publish date:
November 20, 2014
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There’s nothing that gives me greater satisfaction than a glamorous, flawless manicure. Sadly, I never have one. My natural nails are so weak that I’m forced to keep them short, and I rarely paint them because I don’t have the time and patience to make it look perfect.

That’s why I’m completely in love with these new nail products that are coming to drugstores early next year (January/February), including wide variety of glitzy press-on nails by Broadway Nails, as well as acrylic French manicure nails and nail art tools by KISS.

I’d say start saving your pennies now, but nothing is over $10 so feel free to put everything that I’m about to show you on your wish list.

KISS Salon

KISS Salon takes French tips seriously. Their Acrylic French Nail Kits ($7.99 CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid and Kmart) come in so many different varieties: short or medium length, and various tints of pink, nude, and clear. They’re extremely thick and durable, and promise a chip-free tip. I myself am not a French manicure kind of person, but my sister wore them enthusiastically for a week and gave two French-tipped thumbs up.

If you really take your nail art seriously, you can get the KISS Salon Secrets Nail Art Pro Tool Kit ($9.99 Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid and Kmart) which includes: nail art glue, a silicone stick, scissors, slanted tweezers, two mixing jars with glitter and charms, a nail holder station, and nail wheels that you can paint, decorate, and wear. This would be an amazing gift for the nail art enthusiasts in your life, or basically any teen or preteen girl ever.

To me, though, the real standout was the KISS Salon Secrets Rococo Veil Kit ($3.99 Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Kmart). It includes two sheets of stick-on Rococo designs (in gold and silver) and one sheet of stick-on rhinestones, along with a clear top coat.

This is probably the easiest way ever invented to add some quick glam to your manicure. Simply stick the designs on top of your nails (whether natural, painted, or fake), or just do an accent nail, and finish with the top coat. It looks so intricate and pretty, but you had to do pretty much zero work. No one will believe you did this for under $5 in under five minutes.

Broadway Nails

I had a lot of fun trying out the Broadway Nails imPRESS Accent Press-On Manicure Sets ($6.99, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite-Aid and Kmart). So many different colors! So much sparkle! And most importantly (for me at least): so easy to do. No glue required for these nails--just peel off the backing and press the nails on.

They promise to last seven days and they’re the only waterproof press-on nails out there. Now, I’m clumsy and I have a giant clumsy dog, so they only lasted about five or six days on me. Still, I was impressed. Plus, they include 30 nails so if one falls off, you can quickly replace it.

The one thing I didn’t love about these nails was the square shape, since I prefer a more natural almond shape. This is just a personal preference, though, and you could probably file them or snip them into a different shape.

Now please enjoy this colorful, sparkly GIF that was made just for you.

  • Are you into nail art and glitzy press-on nails?
  • Will you check out any of the KISS or Broadway Nails offerings at the drugstore?
  • And most importantly, what techno song do you think would go best with that gif?

Photos (and GIF!) by Joshua Kirby