Nail Art For Minimalists And Also, Hi

This post is only sort of about nail art. Mostly, it’s about you.
Publish date:
March 4, 2014
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Guys, hello. What I realized as I sat down to write this was that rather than tell you about my new gel manicure (photo credit: the indefatigable Marci), even though I REALLY love it, I’d rather hear from you. But more on that in a minute.

First, let’s just briefly discuss the state of nail art. I’m sure you’ve read the same stories I have about its demise. And I’ve been covering beauty backstage for many years now, so I’ve seen first-hand the huge dip in popularity nail art has taken--at least in the context of fashion.

This spring, for example, the major nail trends are pastels (love), white polishes (double love), and nudes (snooze). Nail art, when there was any backstage, was about moon manicures (yes), subtle glitters (sure), and what I suppose you’d call a more-sophisticated French manicure (meh). But there were some very pretty, very simple designs, like bands of color or single stripes, which was the inspiration for what you see on my nails.

This gel manicure was painted by a lovely nail artist from Tokyo named Miku Tsutaya at Vanity Projects, a jewel-box of a salon (just four stations!) or, in their parlance, a “nail art atelier,” located here in New York City. If you poke around their site and Miku’s Instagram, you get the sense that they’re not super-concerned about whether nail art is in or out. And I appreciate that, because honestly, while I’m interested in beauty trends, I don’t hew too closely to them. Do what works for you, and all that.

Anyway, I told Miku I wanted something minimal and chic that I wouldn’t get sick of any time soon, because as you know, these gel manicures stay put until you have them chiseled off. (Oh, the cons of the gel manicure. I am not stoked about the removal process, but it’s a little late for that now.) Miku just happens to be an expert in minimal-chic, and went to town on this nude-gold-silver situation, which gives me joy every single time I look at my hands.

So, what does this have to do with you? A lot. See, I want to keep documenting those moments of beauty-related euphoria here on xoVain (while continuing to talk about our less-beautiful moments), and expand on it times, like, 100. In short, as I told Jane when I interviewed with her for this job, I want MORE of what’s already here. I also have a lot of thoughts about what else I want to cover, some of which you’ll be seeing very soon.

BUT! I need your help: What do you think we’re missing? What matters to you that we haven’t written about yet? What are you totally sick of reading about? Who in the beauty world would you like us to write about or have write for us? (Besides our resident cosmetic chemist commenter. I got that memo. What up, Kevin?)

You get the idea. Holler at me in the comments! It’s like pitching a story but without the pressure of actually having to write it (unless you want to, in which case, tell me that, too). And post photos of your current nail situation because I really would love to know more about you.