Why Not Treat Every Nail Like An Accent Nail?

I want all of the colors.
Publish date:
September 9, 2014
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According to astrology folks, those born under the sign of Libra (myself included) are often very indecisive people. While my belief in the findings of the zodiac tends to waver (how indecisive of me), I do have trouble making up my mind.

I frequently stall and weigh the pros and cons--over and over again--before making a big decision. But when it comes to painting my nails I just want it ALL.

Sure, there's a simple sophistication in a single-tone paint job, especially in a world so jam-packed with over the top nail art, but a perfectly coordinated mismatched hand can look incredibly beautiful, too.

To cut out the guesswork, I've created some color combinations for you to try out. Hopefully this inspires you to mix things up!

Back To School

The colors: greige, deep red, burnished bronze, creamy white, and forest green.

I picked these shades because they put me in a fall state of mind. I'm not here to wax poetic about the changing seasons and the crisp air, though, so let's get down to it. The deeper hues pack a cool weather punch and remind me of Heathers-esque tartans (how very), while the neutrals balance and freshen the look. The shining bronze is my nod to an equestrian trophy. OK, maybe I'm getting a little poetic.

Preppy And Pink

The colors: pale pink glitter, deep cobalt, shining gold, bubblegum pink, and warm beige.

This combo was inspired by a nail polish kit by The New Black, as well as the color palettes of preppy brands like Kate Spade and C. Wonder. If I had to pick one favorite, it'd be the gold from Wet n Wild. A single coat gives opaque, gleaming coverage--and a bottle will only run you $5.


The colors: stark white, lime green, silver, pool turquoise, black

Oh, it's September? That doesn't mean it's fall just yet. Summer is still lingering where I'm at (Toronto). This combination feels like a refreshing dive into a pool on a hot day, and it's what I'm wearing as I type this article.

So, are you digging on these? What color combos are tops on your list for a multi-colored mani?