Why Paint Your Whole Nail When Painting Just a Portion Looks So Much Cooler?

I've never been skilled at doing my own nails, but these three no-frills manicures are super-easy and chic.
Publish date:
April 13, 2016
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I suck at painting my nails. I mean, I did bite them for nearly 20 years, so I'm a bit behind when it comes to nail care.

However, there are some tricks to keeping your nails looking slightly more polished than if you were to leave them bare, but without having to worry about perfect application.

I'm using a few of my favorite shades from the gorgeously designed Trust Fund Beauty. If you're looking for a polish brand that offers flawless package design, great shade names, a huge variety of finishes, all while being totally free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor, look no further than this brand. They don't test on animals either, which always makes me feel better.


A layer of your-nails-but-better nude and a dot of darker polish (I applied with a nail because apparently I'm MacGyver) on each nail is an easy way to add something a little interesting to an otherwise standard manicure. I bet you could get away with the dots alone if your nails are in great condition. The white tips on my nails are a bit wonky thanks to the stub status they had for so long, but for someone with relatively healthy, even nails, a simple dot would work.

For the base I used Trust Fund Beauty's "I Had It First" and created the dots with their "I Can't Even" shade.


When I paint my nails the worst bit is getting the area around my cuticles right. I lack such skill in that area I decided to avoid it entirely, using tape to create the perfect straight line and pretending like this minimal look is totally based on preference and not my lack of skill. Try applying the tape on an angle to create a different look.

Here, I used Trust Fund Beauty's "I Had It First" — can you tell I love this color?


Pretend you have tiny little claws with just some tape, polish, and a little patience. Cut little strips of tape (but not too thin — you want to be able to make some errors) and apply two strips to each nail, creating a triangle. Swipe on some polish, let it dry, and peel the tape back. Boom! Perfect nails. This was the first "nail art" I ever tried when I stopped biting my nails.

Here, I used Trust Fund Beauty's polish in "Just Talk To My Lawyer" — a shimmery deep red.

  • Do you have any tricks for people like me who are less than stellar at polish application?
  • What's your go to minimal nail art?
  • Have you ever used Trust Fund Beauty polishes?