Robot Nails: A Manicure Inspired By Yoji Shinkawa's Metal Gear Solid

I'm attempting to branch into nail art, and I'm using wire.
Publish date:
December 18, 2013
nail art, nail polishes, maincures, Metal Gear Solid, physicians formula, wires, Yoji Shinkawa

I'm not particularly well-versed in nail art. To be honest, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to doing anything to my nails. But sometimes, inspiration hits and… who am I kidding? Sometimes, you just don't want to take pictures of your face anymore.

So, to challenge myself, I tried to figure out what would be relevant to my (and hopefully your) interests and incorporate it into a nail look.

I am a pretty big science fiction fan. My favourite course in university was a sci-fi film class where assignments consisted of essays on time travel and Terminator 2. I did exceptionally well, obviously.

Robots are pretty fascinating to me, but when I tried to do "robot" nails, it just wasn't working, y'know?

In comes Metal Gear Solid artist, Yoji Shinkawa. His line work is so beautiful! Look!

I thought I'd try to do some Metal Gear Solid-meets-robot-meets-shaky-hand nail art! Come join me on this adventure, please.

I started out with a coat of dark grey, the darkest colour of the Physician's Formula Three Shades of Grey set.

Then, I did another layer using the lighter grey, but not covering the entire nail.

Using a reference picture, I picked out some random parts of the image and began painting each nail using a white nail art brush.

Using a black nail art pen, I added more strokes on top of the white.

I finished it all off with a top coat.

I also used some artist wire to create tiny nail rings around some of the nails.


What do you think, does it work? I'm not sure quite yet, but it does inspire me to get more creative with nail art. Are you into non-conventional nails? What's the weirdest manicure you've ever had?