Low-Maintenance, Ladylike Nails Are Easily Attainable

Greetings from my summer vacation! Even when I'm letting EVERYTHING else slide, my nails still look super-glam.

Hi, beautiful people. This article is my version of sending each and every one of you a postcard. It's my "Wish You Were Here" with the image of some kind of sun-tanned retro pin-up waving from the shores. Or ... something to that effect, but instead written from my uncle's incredibly slow PC. Like, I haven't been on a computer this slow since my age was in the single digits.

Anyway, I thought I'd check in and see how you've all been. I've been here for nearly a week now, mostly dealing with some serious stomach issues (ugh, thanks a lot, body!), and in-between swimming in my cousin's heated outdoor pool (glam).

Between us though, my beauty routine has been quite lax. I mean, I've been exfoliating on a pretty regular basis, and oil-cleansing my face at night, then toning, applying serum and moisturizing like a good little beauty editor, but my hair and makeup? Ehhhhh. Filled in brows and a swipe of Josie Maran's colour stick on my cheeks has been sufficing while my hair has been in a nearly permanent top knot (ick).

One thing that has stayed quite beautiful, though, is my nails. My beautiful, shining nails. And the thing is, I've barely done anything to them.

I filed them into an old-school oval shape before I left, and since I got here, I've painted them twice with Dior Nail Glow. The product is a sheer, pinky hue in the bottle and a similar shade on the nails. It just BARELY tints them, but somehow makes them look this healthy blush shade, and the whites magically look brighter, like you've gotten a French manicure but ... not tacky. When exposed to the sun, they take on a gorgeous near-mauve hue.

After that's dried, all I need to do is massage some Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (I enjoy a rhyming product name) into my nail beds to make sure raggedy cuticles and hangnails stay far, far away.

The whole process takes about five minutes, and my hands are left looking like some sort of fancy 1950s novelist at her typewriter. Like, she doesn't care enough to paint her nails some daring, look-at-me red, but she still wants her nails to say "I'm a fancy bitch." Ya dig?

OK, I've had enough of this computer now. Seriously, who has a computer this slow in 2013?! ANYWAY, tell me what products you use to keep some semblance of glamour in your routine when everything else has gone off the rails.