8 Pretty Things On The Internet: Press-On Gels, You're Pretty, But Are You For Real?

The internet loves these fake nails, but do they work with my real life?
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January 22, 2014
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• Try putting on body oil before and after you shower to prevent dry winter skin. [The Beauty Department]

• For Emily Schuman of Cupcakes And Cashmere, 15 years old smells like Clinique "Happy," and was a "really happy" time.

I never wore "Happy." For me, 15 smells like Gucci "Rush," and I'd describe that year as "not necessarily happy but so freaking exciting." How about you? What fragrance do you associate with that time and does it match up with how you felt?

Beautezine raved about these Kiss Ready-To-Wear gel nails, and so did the xoJane Instagram followers when I posted a photo of these nails in "Charmed Life" these week.

So I tried them. First off, these press-ons are only called "gel" because that's a buzzword. They look and act like a super-shiny press-on nail.

Second of all, I can't stop looking at them and it's a wee bit distracting. They're so girly, shiny, sparkly, mystical.

Third: these are sturdy. But I could barely type with them at the original length (pictured); I ended up clipping them with a normal nail clipper and filing them so they're a bit more practical. For now, I'm happy with the result, so here's hoping they stay stuck to my nails.

• My friend Kristin Booker's on Refinery29 doling out tips for managing your textured hair in sub-zero, cold, windy temperatures.

• Why are French women "allowed" to age and still be sexy? [ELLE.com]

Unexpected winter color combos: think "brightest cherry red lips" with "pale eggshell blue hair." [Beauty Is Boring]

• This is useful: how to get nail polish off just about anything. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

• I've linked to HuffPost Beauty's street-beauty-style series before, and I'm doing it again. Because I dig it. This week, meet Liza Fenster who's all about "owning it," wearing a really cozy-looking Knicks hat, and pairing her cheekbony, bare face with MAC's "Ruby Woo."

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