LEGO Nail Art: An Adorably Nostalgic Manicure

Do your nails like this to go see The LEGO Movie, even though it'll be dark in the theater and no one will be able to appreciate them.
Publish date:
February 5, 2014
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I have loved LEGO since I was a little kid. While I never technically owned any myself, my brother had a big bucket full that I used to play with.

I only remember playing with basic LEGO sets, but now there's a giant Lego section in most toy stores, and you can build anything from a basic primary-colour house to that spider from The Lord of the Rings (according to a very informed nine-year-old source, its name is Shelob).

When I saw that there's a LEGO movie coming out this week, I was definitely excited. But movie aside, there are always reasons to appreciate LEGO and create beautiful, magical things with it.

I decided to do LEGO nail art, because why not? It was quite simple and very cute. Here’s how to do it:

First, choose the colours. I wanted to go with the traditional LEGO colours, but the sky is the limit here. I chose red, yellow, white and green.

I used a random green colour I found, Michellori in white, OPI Color So Hot It Berns for my red, and China Glaze Lemon Fizz for my yellow. I left my ring finger white, because I wanted to paint an adorable LEGO man’s head on it.

Once you have all your colours mapped out, paint your nails as usual, remembering to paint one of the fingers plain white for your LEGO head “flair nail.” Some polishes require only one coat, some require upwards of a thousand. Just paint them until you have a smooth, even colour base with no visible lines or streaks.

Now, we are going to paint the little round connector stud thingies (is there an official name for this?) on.

Using a teeny-tiny nail polish brush, nail art pen or dotting tool if you have one, paint six even black dots on each nail:

While you wait for that to dry, we’re going to paint the LEGO head nail.

Using a yellow polish, paint a square at the end of the nail:

… and then a small “connector” piece on the top. You can use your dotting tool to paint this part.

Once this is done and dry, use your nail art tool to outline your little man in black and paint a face on him.

Using your original colours and the tool you used to do the black dots, paint dots in the original colour over the black dots, making sure that these dots are just a tiny bit smaller than the black ones, so that a sliver of black is always showing, to create the illusion of a raised connector. I recommend the Essence dotting tool--it has two sides, one larger dot and one smaller.

Finish with a top coat once everything is completely dry (seriously, you don’t want the black nail polish to streak into the other colours).

Now go build some LEGO houses!