Why Didn't This "Glitter Science" DIY Nail Polish Kit Exist When I Was a Kid?!

This cute and cheap Kiss kit is perfect for projects with kids, or with your friends and some rosé and Netflix.
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January 7, 2016
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Do you sometimes wish you were a 10-year-old? I remember being beauty-obsessed, very much so, on my own terms. If it was now, who knows how I would turn out? The toys and entertainment are exponentially better, the technology supreme. But what I would have really been stoked on was the beauty offerings.

More than the average LipSmackers, more than the peel-off Tinkerbell Nail Polish I was obsessed with, there’s enough fun to be had to fuel every sleepover I ever had with today's beauty trends. Take this adorable Kiss Salon Secrets Glitter Science Kit for example: not only do I think I would have been an obsessed tweenie, I am kind of obsessed now. Full circle and whatnot.

This little kit comes with five choices of glitter and two bottles of clear polish to make your concoction.

The process of making your own glitter DIY polish is crazy-simple.

Choose your glitter(s) and don't go over two if you want a polish that paints evenly and doesn't look like glitterbarf.

Shake in the provided vial until you get an even, princessy vibe.

Drop in two mixing balls and funnel the glitter into the clear polish bottle.

Shake well to evenly distribute the little bits. You'll have to shake every time you use it because it settles to the bottom (only actual con).

Paint nails with at least two coats and top with top coat!

I created this fun, almost opalescent pink and gold color by mixing the fine green-hued gold glitter with the chunky solid pink glitter, and I love how it goes with my usual lewk. Part of the fun of wearing nail jewels 365 is that you can do almost anything on the other nails and it just seems to work.

This cute and cheap ($10.99) little kit is perfect for projects with your kids, nieces, cousins, or just you and your friends with some rosé and Netflix. The best part is how easy it is to score this and other fun-as-hell Kiss nail toys in drugstores everywhere. (I am such a fan, especially of their new Waterless Nail Tattoos that will be out soon!)

  • Do you DIY with glitter?
  • Are you more likely to keep this for yourself or gift it to someone younger?

Photos: Maria Penaloza