Watercolour Clouds: An Airy Manicure Inspired By Kenzo's Cloud Print

And a random pink accent tip, because why not?
Publish date:
February 6, 2014
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I rarely wear nail polish. I'm one of those people who can't last a day without peeling off bits of their manicure. Attractive, I know, but I'm just fidgety.

But once in a while, I do feel compelled to paint my nails, especially when I'm in love with a certain colour or artwork or mood. Admittedly, this time, it was partially because I kindly received a badass name ring from Onecklace, and it definitely deserved an equally cool manicure.

I'm not usually one for prints, but Kenzo just gets me. So when I was thinking about what to do with my nails, their cloud print just seemed logical.

At first I tried to be much more literal with the translation, which turned out to be a gloopy, thick mess. Moving along.

I settled on a watercolour-y interpretation of the print, which I think turned out way prettier anyway. I added some mint instead of a baby blue.

First, I dotted one blob of mint, blue and white onto a nail.

Then using a sponge, I sponged all the colours together and mixed.

While the colours were still wet, I quickly went over it in a clear top coat.

After the first top coat dried, I repeated, and then cleaned up the sides. I like the way the nails ended up a bit translucent and watery, kind of like wet marble.

I decided to add a pink tip the accent nail, but that was probably a bad idea because I like it better without it. You live, you learn.

Here is the final product--I think it's a nice interpretation!

Would you try it? Do you have a favourite print?