Isn't It Awesome When Nail Polish Just Shows Up In Your Mailbox Once A Month?

The Julep Maven nail polish delivery program is basically my soulmate.
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June 11, 2013
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My first question is: Who doesn’t like to feel special, catered to, and understood?

My second question is: Who doesn’t like to be on point with the latest trends of the season?

My third question is: Who doesn’t like to get glossy, sparkly, brand-new products delivered directly to your home?!

Ladies, I present to you Julep Maven, an innovative subscription box company that delivers trend-setting, toxin-free nail polish colors and full-size prestige beauty products tailored to your personal style every month.

I eagerly awaited the delivery of my Julep starter box because, frankly, it’s nice to get something in the mail other than bills and a Chinese takeout menu from the restaurant next door; but also because I was excited to see the nail polish colors that had been selected for me after taking the Julep Maven style quiz, which determines the style that best reflects me: Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic With a Twist, It Girl, or Modern Beauty.

Well, I instantly trusted the site when the quiz named me Classic With a Twist, because, let’s face it, it couldn’t be more accurate considering I was raised in Connecticut (classic) but am originally from Mexico (twist!). So let’s just give this quiz a round of applause.

The Classic with a Twist starter box included two nail polish colors in my starter box: a deep red (Myrtle) and a pearly, soft pink (Zora), in addition to a top coat and a glycolic hand scrub infused with natural apricot seeds, all for $19.99. If you do the math right, that's a lot less than its $50 value. (I'll let you in on a secret, though: I got it for FREE, thanks to the code MAVENFREE.)

Once I got to checkout, I had the option to add on other products with a 20% discount, including various beauty products and more nail polish colors, even from other Maven collections. I’m not tied down to Classic with a Twist if I don’t want to be, because “at Julep, beauty is about a connection, not a competition.” That’s right: Julep is a girl’s girl.

I chose a super-glam, super-sparkly, bronzy-gold nail polish from the Bombshell Maven collection, aptly named JANE, and--considering I had recently gotten my hair keratin’d and commenters raved about just using argan oil--a bottle of Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. (My hair does feel softer after using the oil, but, to be fair, it may just be the fact that I’m only a week out of the keratin treatment).

After receiving my starter box and learning that, unlike other subscription box programs, I have no obligation to purchase the box every month--and even if I did, the shipping costs exactly $0--I’m sold.

The Julep Maven program figured me out, delivered as promised, and understands if I need some alone time once in a while. Take that, OKCupid.

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