Strawberry Nail Art: The Manicure That's Holding Me Over Until I Can Afford To Visit Tokyo

I'm devastated that I didn't get to go to Japan with my friend, but I can totally copy her Japanese nail art in the meantime.

I really want to go to Japan. I’ve traveled around Europe and the US, but so
far, the entire continent of Asia remains on my list of wonderful places to see.
Although Korea, India, Thailand, and Cambodia are all high on my list, Japan
remains at the top.

Unfortunately a ticket from Toronto to Japan seldom falls below $1,500, and
so I am forced to wait for a day when I'm more financially stable (aka when I
stop buying beauty products daily and save some money) to take the trip.

We're all young right? We have so much time left to go to Japan and drink tea
at the Cat Cafe!

But then one of my very
best friends told me she was going to Japan with her awesome art gallery
bosses, and my "plenty of time" argument turned into a horrible
jealous attack on my brain that said "GET TO JAPAN NOW!" The irrational feelings got even stronger when I talked to one of her bosses at a gallery
opening and he told me they'd probably just "grab some little buns and
rent bikes and ride around the outdoor malls the first day."

After that, I
very seriously contemplated just buying a ticket with my Visa and going with
them, but in the end, I just couldn't trick myself into thinking it was actually
a readable idea. I lent her my coveted Hello Sandwich Tokyo guide, and
patiently waited for the amazing Instagram pictures
to appear.

A group of Japanese people all dressed in pink with barrettes
clipped in their bangs? A Rilakkuma store?! A breakfast where every food item
has a smiley face?!? A blue haired boy singing karaoke beside a robot?! Girls
with, like, 10 hair bows in their hair at 6% Doki

It was more perfect than I had
even imagined. I was so. Incredibly. Jealous. I actually felt so sorry for
myself; it was sort of pathetic at points. It was suddenly like I was stuck in
the wrong universe and I had no way to connect with the other side.

But then my fellow pink-haired friend went and got some famous
Tokyo nail art, and my first thought was, "Hey, I can do that!" I
finally found something attainable in her photos, something that I could
replicate here in boring old Toronto.

Strawberry nails! Guys, these are so easy; you just need to follow three steps. Mine didn’t turn out quite as perfect as hers, but hey, I’m not a Tokyo-grade nail painter, and this is DIY!

You'll need:

•Top coat/ bottom coat

•Dotting tool

•Nail brush (preferably a very
thin pointy one)

•Light green polish

•Pink polish

•White polish

1. Start with clear coated nails with a nice round tip. Then
paint your nails pink.

2. Using your nail brush, paint a little tuft of green along
your cuticle line for the stem. It should look like a little green aloe vera
plant growing out of your cuticle. Sort of.

3. Add white dots on top
of the pink areas to create seeds. When dry, seal it all off with a top coat
and you're done!

That's it! Remember, we
all may not be able to go to Tokyo this week, but we can 100% get some Tokyo-inspired nails right this very moment!