Feminist Fingernails: An International Women's Day Manicure

Flames! Fists! Feminism! Fingernails! Alliteration!

Hello, nail art lovers! It is I, Glennis, back again with more guidance for the Do Your Own Nail'ers of the world--this time, in video form. IT'S THE FUTURE!

I call today's design "Fists (on fingers) Up!" in celebration of International Women's Day. The design features the venus symbol encircling a clenched fist. "Clever title, Glennis!" Oh, stop--but I can't stop won't stop because these fierce nails also feature flames! Hot! The flames represent the fire burning inside each and every one of us enabling us to make change... which might be a little heavy-handed (I seriously can't stop), but so be it I say. Sometimes we all need a reminder of how powerful we are.

I touch briefly on cuticle health in this video, as it came up a lot in the comments last week, but I'll be spending even more time on that, filing and overall nail health soon, so stay tuned!