Indie Product Of The Week: LAQA & Co. Top Coat Nail Polish Pen

An easy way to not only shine up your nails on-the-go, but support talented, young artists, too!
Publish date:
April 3, 2014
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My ex-husband's high school girlfriend, Carrie, is a hand model. I'm no longer in touch with him, but I met her when he took me back to Omaha a zillion years ago and I thought she was cool as hell, so why wouldn't I stay in touch with her, right?

And I'm glad I did, because she's given me some really smart hand and nail advice over the years. One piece: always wear at least a top coat. Even if your nails are otherwise bare, the top coat not only makes your nails look more polished--har har--but protects them more than if they were naked against the elements, which I think is the name of a survival reality show.

I rarely paint my nails, and I almost always forget to put on a top coat before I leave the house because I'm a self-saboteur. However, I recently found a top coat I can safely carry in my bag and use wherever I am when I look down at my nails and realize I'm a terrible person who doesn't listen to her friends' advice.

LAQA & Co. makes their adorable Nail Polish Pens in a variety of excellently named colors--Blurple and Plonk, for example--but the one I get the most use out of is definitely their straightforwardly titled Top Coat. The five-free formula works awesomely over other five- and three-free formulas--something I found isn't true with top coats that have the supposedly less-desirable ingredients.

But it's the convenience of the design that I really love: a pump at one end, a brush at the other, and a secure twist-off top that means it won't leak in my bag and onto my laptop, causing some kind of flammable and expensive situation.

Also wonderful: the boxes these Nail Polish Pens come in.

"We cover our packaging in unique artwork by young artists looking to get their work seen by lots and lots of people. And our artists get a cut of the profit from every product purchased."

Yay to that!

I should note that as soon as I finished shooting this, Emily stole the the top coat from me, so now I need another one.

Do you think you'd carry around a top coat pen? (Apparently, Emily would.) Are you friends with any of your exes' exes?