5 Indie Nail Polish Brands You Need To Know About Immediately

Why search drugstores for the sold-out color of the moment when there are awesome nail lacquers no one else has right here on the internet?

I once questioned whether it was possible to have too many bottles of nail polishes, to which I answered myself quite quickly: No. No, it is not possible. The only problems associated with having an excessive nail polish collection is A) storing said collection and B) having your husband bring out 12 different bottles when you ask him to bring you your favorite purple.

While I'm all about running out to get the latest and greatest polishes at drugstores and makeup counters, there's something about indie nail polishes that really entices my beauty senses.

I imagine it's partly because I advocate supporting small businesses, but there's also something nice about owning stuff that others haven't even heard of. Ya'll know every new OPI collection that hits the market is swooped up by nail bloggers the second it goes on display. But indie polishes? Those colors tend to be less commonplace.

Below are just a few of my current indie favorites.

Windestine: Asbestos and Carbon Copy

Goodness, I love matte glitter! I actually purchased these two bottles from Etsy seller Windestine at the same time with the goal of creating the static-inspired manicure, pictured below. It's probably obvious, but Asbestos = white and Carbon Copy = black. Both are very tiny, matte glitter and look awesome over all sorts of colors.

To create this look, I sponged on a black to white gradient, then placed Asbestos over the black and Carbon Copy over the white.

Lush Lacquer: I Lost My Marbles and Glowsticks

Etsy seller Lush Lacquer is one of those indie nail polish brands that's accumulated a serious cult following. For good reason, too. Their colors are diabolically intense--I could stare at them for days!

Because they're so glitter-packed and gorgeous on their own, I like to wear LL's polishes as stand-alones or on an accent finger. Some have a colored base built in, such as I Lost My Marbles, which is swatched below.

In June, Lush Lacquer debuted a new line of polishes dubbed the Neon Collection. Like many of their polishes, the Neon Collection looks best over a neutral colored base. Below is NCLA's AM: Beauty Sleep, PM: Shopping Spree with two coats of Lush Lacquer's Glowsticks.

The Hungry Asian: Mint Condition and Belle

Here's another Etsy seller I've come to love: The Hungry Asian. She does a lot of creamy bases with various glitters, which is hard to say no to. My poor wallet…

I've tried about 10 or so of her polishes, but my two current favorites are Belle and Mint Condition, swatched below. MC is a creamy blue/green color with an unexpected color combination of blue, red, purple and black glitter.

Belle has a slightly thinner base, so you'll need three to four good coats. It's a creamy white with small pink glitter and medium sized brown glitter. Such a gorgeous--and again, unexpected--color combination.

Cover Band: Sticks 'n Stones

Here's another matte glitter polish, but this one by Cover Band has stick and square shaped pieces.

A lot of indie nail polishes have actually duped this one, and Hard Candy recently released Black Tie Optional which is nearly identical, but has more sparkle. Naturally, HC's polish is somewhat hard to find since it doesn't stay stocked for long. Sticks 'n Stones is also a little tricky to find, but if you sign up for them to email you when it's in at Ninja Polish, you'll increase your chances.

As you can see, this polish basically makes any manicure look retro-brilliant. I painted my nails with Floss Gloss's Wavepool, dotted on Sinful Colors Neon Fusion and then did a top coat of Sticks 'n Stones. I've also placed it over a gradient many, many times. Below is FingerPaints Don't Make A Scene with Floss Gloss Wavepool and a top coat of SnS.

Floss Gloss: Wavepool, Dimepiece, and Fastlane

OK, since I've mentioned Floss Gloss so many times already, I'll go ahead and include it in this roundup of Wendy's Beloved Indie Polishes.

Over the past year, this brand has picked up some major steam in the nail world. I have a feeling it'll bust into the mainstream scene any day now.

I've already referenced FG's Wavepool. It's probably my favorite color of theirs, so I'll include another mani where I've used it. Above is Sally Hansen Golden-1 with FG Wavepool chevrons plus heart. As you can see, the finish for this polish is more matte/chalky, which I absolutely love.

You can get a second peak at Wavepool below. Also notice my index finger, which is proudly wearing Floss Gloss Dimepiece, my second favorite color by the brand. It is so sparkly it might make your eyes bleed holographic tears.

And because I love sharing pictures of my manicures, I've decided to include one more manicure using a Floss Gloss polish. It's a neon orange/red called Fastlane that practically glows. Seriously, it might be radioactive. Even when I wear it alone, I receive oohs and ahhs on the regular.

I like to pair it with nude (I really love nude nail polish…), which I did below. I took it one step further and added some tribal-y designs.

Now I want to hear about your indie favorite brands and colors! Are there any specific nail polishes you're coveting at the moment?