This Indie Nail Polish Brand is About to Become Your New Favorite Way to Shimmer

ILNP polishes comes in a huge variety of shades and finishes.
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March 21, 2016
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Nail polish is something that I'm generally not super-picky about because I don't tend to get too fancy with my nails when I do them myself. The only time I can make nail art work is if it involves things like dots (which I do with a bobby pin).

While I generally stick to plain colors, I was recently introduced a new-to-me brand of nail polish thanks to a reader post on LOTW.

ILNP Boutique Nail Lacquer comes in a huge variety of shades with finishes that include Jellies, Ultra Metallics, Ultra Chromes (duochrome), and Holographics/Ultra Holographics. I somehow managed to miss that they had all these different finishes when I made my order, but I had my eye on the prize, which, in this case, was the holographic polishes.

I ordered three different shades in varying finishes (two regular Holographics and one Ultra Holographic), Champagne Blush, Missed Calls, and MEGA. The holographic polishes are shimmery in finish but not glittery, and they all have an iridescent overlay that is GORGEOUS in direct sunlight. What I really like about the finishes of these polishes is that they look so different depending on where you're at, what kind of light you're under, etc.


Direct sunlight:

As far as formula goes, these are some of my favorite polishes that I've used, even over some of my long-wearing favorites. Despite having little shimmer flecks, these all apply very smoothly, making them super-easy to layer and build color with. As someone with somewhat unsteady hands, I really appreciate that I could apply these with ease.

I'm still using my Deborah Lippmann top and base coat duo, so my mani always last a decent amount of time, but I usually get a full week's work of wear with these ILNP polishes.

The best part about these polishes is that they aren't terribly expensive. At $10 a pop, I think they are reasonably priced given their quality.

  • Do you guys have any good indie polish recommendations?
  • Have any of you tried ILNP?