Turn Any Eyeshadow Into Nail Polish And Use The Money You Save To Buy Sandwiches

Think of all the sandwiches you can buy and hold with your eyeshadow-painted fingertips!
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February 4, 2014
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You know how the past two years have pretty much been the Age of Nail Art? I mean, when I learned that folks are now 3D printing fakies, that pretty much hit the apex on this hyper-trend of creative impracticality for me.

But then how shall the outlet for gluing rhinestones and Barbie shoes onto our fingertips be satisfied? I never even got to pierce the tip of my ring fingernail! I swear I wasn’t even going to do anything tacky like a dangling charm—maybe just a simple tiny gold hoop! There just wasn’t enough time! I was too busy debunking the whole lather, rinse, repeat myth to pay attention to my digits.

Honestly, my participation in nail art consisted of paying $10 for those Sally Hansen nail stickers every once in a blue impulse purchase. Lazy. Not for nothing, those suckers lasted at least 10 days without chipping. They were kind of biotch to remove (probably just as frustratingly labor intensive as removing glitter nail polish), but my struggle served to remind me that at least the product delivered what it promised: butterfly-printed nails for 10 whole days.

I don’t believe I’ve ever paid more than $4 for a bottle of nail polish in my life.I just don’t see the point. Maybe if I was a die-hard “signature color” kind of person, I’d spring for some prestige brand and feel secretly fancy, but lower-level drugstore brand is just fine for me. Maybe it’s the way I use my hands, but all polish chips in the same way (starting at the tips) and in the same spots (middle finger, right hand) for me after about four days of wear.

Only catch is that while one of my main jump-offs, Brucci, offers such delights as Redwood and Samantha’s Secret (Who is Samantha? What is her secret and why is it mauve?), its colors thus far have been on the conventional side. If I want those holographic and iridescent jewels of color, I’m probably shelling out $8 for Essie or OPI. Not terrible for polish, but I have so many already and I’d rather spend the $6 I’d save on NYC and buy a grilled cheese sandwich. Because every good manicure deserves a sandwich, you know?

But guess what you can buy that comes in all kinds of crazy shimmery and iridescent Rainbow Fish colors that’s under $5 that you may already have in your possession and have long forgotten about because it was just for that one raver-themed frat party you attended years ago: the humble eye shadow.

I, myself, don’t own a ton of eye shadows because I usually only wear a subtle shimmery brown, if any at all. I did have a period where I’d buy all those cheapo holiday-themed palettes that came with a bunch of crazy colors or a set of powder pots in some tri-colored theme. They’ve been sitting in a cigar box along with all the other makeup items I’ve grown out of but haven’t the heart to throw away.

Well, my hoarding instincts have come in handy when I learned this simple way to turn any eyeshadow into nail polish.

All you need is eyeshadow (duh) and clear nail polish. I have a pot of this Bare Minerals beetle-iridescent black shadow powder called Bon Bon that I haven’t touched in ages. Using any ol’ clear nail polish, I sprinkled a dime-sized amount of the powder in a jar lid (because who has time to clean up this mess afterwards?), poured a slightly larger portion of clear nail polish over it, and swirled it together with the brush.

Make sure you swirl it a lot so the texture isn’t clumpy. If you want to do this with a pressed powder, just mash it up nice and good using the back of a brush, or head of a pin--something resembling a micro-pestle. You have to make sure to really break it down to its finest texture as to avoid weird clumps. I hate the word clumps almost as much as I hate clumps.

Once you do this, this cocktail is going to dry up pretty fast, being all “decanted” in the open like that, so paint them nails. Don’t even worry about getting it on your cuticles or surrounding skin--we’ll take care of that later. NO TIME!

The ratio of eyeshadow to nail polish I used made for a super-opaque color so I could’ve stopped at one coat. But I did two because I am a creature of habit.

I used a tiny concealer brush, dipped it into polish remover, and carefully removed the sloppy bits on the sides of my nails. I wiped the nail polish brush on a remover-soaked cotton pad a bunch of times and it was good as new.

And now my nails look like beetles for zero dollars!

I don’t know about you, but personally I get a kick out of reincarnating stuff for other uses; it’s like going green, but instead of saving the environment I am saving my money. And yeah, I have thought about all the sandwiches I could be buying instead of paying top dollar for fancy nail colors. Maybe I’ll even order the fancy deli meats now because I’m all about that prosciutto life, you know?