The No-Fail, No-Scrape Way I Remove Glitter Polish

Praise! I’ve finally found a healthy solution for getting chunky glitter polish off.
Publish date:
June 4, 2014
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A commenter recently said to me, “Your life is like one big party, and I want an E-vite ASAP.”

I’d say this statement is pretty true. I feel super lucky to live a magically charmed life with so many amazing people (and pets) in it. I eat cake almost nightly, buy myself little presents far more than I care to admit, and I always have glitter around.

Seriously, it’s everywhere.

I am a total glitter queen. I like all things sparkly and shiny. Even in my mid-twenties I still cover myself in glitter hairspray, shimmer lotion, gilded eye shadow, and chunky confetti nail polish. But I think the latter is seriously affecting my nail health.

As I’ve noted before, I have the saddest, driest, crackliest nails ever. All things considered, I think the intensive scraping to remove glitter polish is at least partly to blame, especially given how often I wear glitter polish. Crackly nails or no, I will not give up my sparkle. The party is not over.

I’ve heard that glue and special base coats will help peel glitter remnants off quite quickly, but peeling my already peel-y nails isn’t preferable.

Enter Julep’s Party’s Over Glitter Nail Polish Remover Kit.

A sort of upscale version of the classic cotton ball, polish remover, and tinfoil trick, Julep’s kit is simple, mess-free, and great for removing glitter on the go. It comes with 10 rubber finger caps and five packs of polish remover pads, which are basically just little wipes soaked in aloe vera-infused acetone. The pad is lint-free to keep the glitter from caking up, and the aloe vera helps counteract the drying effects of the acetone.

The kit is super simple to use. Place the wet acetone pads on each fingernail, slide the rubber cap on top, and chill for about five minutes. I put my first round of pads up against Deborah Lippmann’s super hard-to-remove Glitter and Be Gay.

Getting my fingers into the rubber caps without shifting the acetone wipes was a bit tough, but I managed to cover all of my fingers through trial and error.

When the five minutes was up, I slid each cap off. The key here is to slide, not pull, as the pressure is what really wipes the polish off. Go slow and keep the cap sucked on tight for maximum removal. I had to wash my hands to remove some excess sparkles (which I somehow got all over my hands), but overall it was a quick, simple, and painless way to put a swift end to my glitter party!

The best part? My nails actually felt really conditioned and smooth afterward, not dry and damaged like after a typical scraping session.

It’s nice to know that when the glitter party is over, cleanup can be super simple!