Streaky Nail Polish? There's A Hack For That

Cure streaks for good.

I love nothing more than a nail polish in a pretty shade. I own more nail polish than any other cosmetic, and I started writing about beauty by doing embarrassingly stupid nail polish reviews in a blog I used to write.

I have many, many, many beloved shades of nail polish that I barely ever use because they are just too dang streaky. A lot of brands are pretty notorious for this in my eyes, while some, like OPI, seem to make much better formulas. Luckily, my vast experience with nail polish has given me the talent of being able to identify a nail polish that will be streaky on sight alone. This is what I was put on this earth for.

Colors That Are Naturally Streaky

Most streaky culprits come in the form of light and pastel colors. That beautiful, soft nude (don’t ever Google that phrase) color you were eyeing? Don’t even bother. A dark, moody, winter color? One to two coats and we’re all set forever. Of course, this is very dependent on brand, formulation, weather, third eye activation etc., but there’s a general guide for when I can’t be there to help you choose the least frustrating polish.

Getting An Even Application With A Streaky Polish

As I mentioned, I have a lot of streaky nail polishes and I love them all equally. The trick to getting a more even application isn’t very revolutionary or brilliant, but it definitely works. All you need is your streaky nail polish of choice and a matte top coat.

Step 1: Use Only One Coat Of Polish

First off, some general advice. When you’re dealing with a streaky formula, you will have the urge to carry on painting multiple strokes over one nail to try and even out the streaks. Do not do this. Just DON’T. It will make it a million times worse, and will give you some serious balding issues near the cuticle. Just be patient and let that streaky coat be. I’m serious.

Step 2: Add A Matte Top Coat

Now for the weird trick. Using a matte top coat--I’m using Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher--paint your nails and let them dry. The matte polish helps the color adhere better and glide on more opaque.

Step 3: Continue Painting Your Nails, Streak-Free!

After this step, continue to paint your nails as usual, with as many coats as you like. You will notice that the streaky-ness is significantly reduced thanks to your matte top coat. Here, I painted my nails using the matte polish trick with only one coat of a streaky white nail polish overtop.

So go ahead, buy whatever nail polish color you want--without fear of streaks.

Have you ever tried this trick? Nail polish hacks are my favorite--do you have any that have revolutionized the way you paint your nails?