Oh, Just The Sickest Press-On Nails EVER

I haven't worn press-on nails in a couple of decades, but these change everything.
Publish date:
December 16, 2013
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It’s been a momentous few days. After almost a whole year of working with xoVain, I actually visited the SAY Media offices in New York freakin’ City; my boyfriend proposed to me a few days ago (!!!); I had a freak out meeting Marci and Alle for the first time; and as I'm working on this article, I’m sitting opposite Marci, completely covered in her dogs' fur.


Before I left Singapore, though, one of my former interns who just came back from the traveling in the UK brought me back gifts. Knowing my complete and utter inability to paint my own nails, Debbie, a prodigy, bought the coolest press-on nails.

Here’s my history with press-on nails: When I was four and my mother was heavily pregnant with my brother, I was convinced she was not going to love me anymore. I packed my Barbie dolls, a bottle of Nutella (it’s been a lifelong addiction) and my trusted Polly Pocket barrettes in my Barbie suitcase, stuck on some kiddy sparkly pink press-on nails I got as a birthday present and left home.

I went as far as the lobby of our apartment building where I hung out for half an hour while my mother was at home cooking. She found me taking a “smoke break” with my dolls.

My mother disapproved of my “bad girl nails” (yes, that’s what she called them) and made me take them off after I was punished for running away from home, like a true four-year-old drama queen.

Fast forward to 23 years later: I haven’t ran away from home, but I’m definitely far, far away from home with press-on nails. They’re a limited-edition collection by House of Holland by Elegant Touch, and I have to admit, for someone who cuts her nails right down to the skin, they look pretty wicked.

Here’s how they look:

They’re cheap, so it makes sense that they weren’t the best quality, but they’re super-cute. Also, I have never seen my fingers look this long in my life. Makes me want to get acrylics.

What do you think?