I Have A Hot Date Tonight And Some Nail Polish To Give

Also: brief history of dry cleaning.
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September 11, 2013
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Most of my nice clothes are "dry clean only," meaning that I only like to wear them in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees. I'll never have to clean them if I don't sweat, right?

I'm starting to get back on the track, avoiding totally skanky and far-too-casual summer dresses (and hangover clothes) and choosing more respectable and "dry clean only" outfits.

Fun fact: dry cleaning was discovered on accident when a French dude's wife spilt kerosene all over his freaking tablecloth like a BUFFOON. He was kind of mad like, "You know that's my favorite tablecloth, please be more careful, oui?" but also noticed that the tablecloth became cleaner and thus dry cleaning, aka dipping your CLOTHING in FLAMMABLE MATERIAL, was born. Early methods used kerosene and gasoline, but now we use a "safer" flammable material called "perc." (Although if you had a favorite vintage dress at the Uptown Bibbentucker's Dry Cleaning in Dallas when it burned to smithereens, you'd call for legislative reform on the whole process.)

Back to me, it's too hot out to wear anything at risk of collecting body odors (which I don't even have, gross), so cheap ventilation is key. Enter my favorite shirt:

One of the iconic pieces from the Fall '04 Hanes menswear line, it adds that undone, French kerosene-splashed vibe to this gilded, baroque wallpaper-esque pencil skirt that makes the outfit totally appropriate for my sexy dinner date tonight, not with Dude. Pretty sure we're getting tacos, so I might have to rethink the pencil-skirted-ness of it all, because eating less tacos to feel comfortable should make sense to me but doesn't.

I'm going to paint my nails gold to match my chain, and thought I'd throw some gold polish your way as well. (Along with a perfect red and a sexy metallic silvery blue.)

Let's talk about our nails today, or if you're feeling your hair or face more, that's cool too... just selfie it in the comments, be over 18 and in the United States. Congrats to Zaftig Times, you'll be getting Too Faced's primer and pinky Lip Injection from Monday's post! WOOHOO!