This Manicure is Like Having Christmas Lights on Your Nails

I seriously love the twinkling lights that this season brings, so I wanted to do an interpretation of them on my fingertips.
Publish date:
December 7, 2015
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'Tis the season to do nail art, everyone! I don’t know what it is about the holiday season that gets me itching to do a little somethin’ somethin’ on the nails.

I’ve finally decorated for Christmas this weekend, and although my apartment doesn’t have the room for a tree (le sigh), I still covered the place in Christmas tree lights. I seriously love the twinkling lights that this season brings, so I wanted to showcase the same thing on my nails.

The result is a super-simple, toned-down glitter manicure that requires zero tools or nail-art expertise, and you can customize it to any color, which means unlike your holiday traditional red-cup drink at Starbucks, you can have it all year long.

Basically it’s the more adult, stuffy-office-appropriate glitter manicure that I would have still loved in my mega-glitter mani days.

Start with a base coat and two coats of a translucent polish. The key to this manicure working is that you can see between the layers, so the more translucent the better. I’m using Essie Mademoiselle because I love the milky pink color, and the formula lasts really well.

Next, paint on a sparse glitter polish until you get a decent coverage. You don’t want too thick of a glitter or it will just cover the entire base color.

This polish is OPI Gaining Mole-mentum from the Muppets collection. This is a limited edition polish, which is annoying, I know, but I got it way after the release in my local TJ Maxx a month ago, so it’s still out there, friends!

Now we’re going to paint a thin layer of the translucent base color over the glitter. This makes the glitter look blown out and hazy like holiday lights in the distance.

If you want to have a clear difference between glitter layers, add two layers here; this will cover up the glitter more, so it’s even hazier than the glitter on top of it.

Continue adding more layers of glitter and the base color. If you would like the glitter to stand out more, just add a final coat of glitter and top it off with your topcoat of choice. The above photo shows how the manicure would look without a final jelly base color on top.

I prefer to finish this manicure with another layer of the translucent base color on top to really keep the milky finish. To make it last, and to hold down any lumpy glitter pieces, I use a thick coat of Seche Vite to top it all off.

This manicure would be super-cute in a red, green, or blue for the holidays if you’re feeling festive! But I love how this specific color combo I’ve got going on reminds me of Britney Spears circa 2004 in a sparkly flesh toned jumpsuit.

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