One More Holiday Manicure Tutorial, Just in Case You Procrastinated

Think of this as holly-inspired nails with a twist.

The inspiration for my beauty stories comes from all over the place. Sometimes it comes from people I see on the street, things I read on the internet or magazines, or conversations I have with friends. But for this story, the source was a very unlikely place: the windows of a popular coffee shop.

I’ve been stopping in there frequently to use up a gift card, and whenever I do, I always admire the “chalk” drawings of holly on the store front. Since the drawings really stuck with me, I decided to incorporate them into this nail tutorial.

Think of this as holly-inspired nails with a twist.

You will need...

  • Mint nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Green nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Striping brush (I used an old striping nail polish brush)
  • Dotting tool (I made a bigger one by sticking a pin into a pencil eraser)
  • Small dotting tool

Step 1

[IMAGE] holly1.jpg

Paint your nails in a mint shade. You could also go for a different pastel, but I like mint because it goes with the green leaves.

Step 2

Use the larger dotting tool to add red dots for the berries.

Step 3

Using a striping brush to create leaves around the holly. Start by creating the vertical line for the stem, and then carefully draw diagonal lines coming out of it for the leaves. This part can be tricky and messy if you don’t have a steady hand or if your brush starts turning on you like mine did, but I think some messiness actually makes it look more artsy.

Note: I understand these holly leaves don’t look like traditional holly leaves, but the ones I created are easier to do AND you still get the point that they’re supposed to be holly.

Step 4

Use the smaller dotting tool to add white dots on the berries to look like snow. You can also add it on the leaves or anywhere else to cover mistakes. (See, I’m looking out for all of you!)

Final Look

  • How are you doing your nails for the holidays?
  • Where do you get your inspiration for nail art?