I'm Hoarding Press-On Nails, And I'm OK With That

When I've shredded my natural nails to bits, I can just apply imPRESS on top and bam! Fancy lady status.
Publish date:
January 16, 2014
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My mama has really pretty fingernails. She
always has; they're one of the things I remember most about my childhood,
watching my mom paint her nails. Even when she was doing dishes or digging in
the dirt, her nails were long, strong and gorgeous, with naturally white tips
and rosy nail beds.

Apparently, I got my dad's nails. (Sorry Dad! I
got my smart mouth from you!) My nails aren't the prize-winners my mom was
gifted in the genetic lottery. They bend and snap better than Elle Woods.

grow to a decent length if I leave them alone, but I have always had trouble
keeping my fingers out of my mouth. I don't bite to Britney levels of bleeding,
but I definitely nibble. It's a horrible habit.

No amount
of OPI Nail Envy or avocados blended in my smoothies can beef them up

When I bought my first bottle of imPRESS
press-on nails at Target, it was kind of a joke. I was going to Los Angeles and
I wanted some bright, tacky nails for the trip. I got a bottle of neon
pink/yellow/green with leopard print embossed on them, and guess what? I LOVED
them. They were incredibly easy to use, I didn't need glue, and they stayed put
the entire five days of my trip.

Since that April day, I've amassed a collection
of imPRESS nails. When I like a beauty product, I really like it. I hoard it. Something in my brain yells, "MORE
MORE MORE!" and I feel the need to squirrel away products.

The imPRESS line keeps adding fuel to my fire
by releasing new colors and designs, too. During Halloween, I just HAD to buy
this weird Exorcist style with upside down crosses on it. It made me laugh.

These imPRESS nails aren't the press-ons of our
childhood. All you do is make sure your natural nails are totally clean (they
include an alcohol wipe to prep with). Once you've matched the nails to yours--they come in various sizes--simply pull off the plastic and press the nail
down firmly. Make sure you don't get your hands wet for an hour
afterwards to really make them stick.

Each bottle comes with 24 nails so you
can do two manicures and/or replace nails that might fall off. It does happen,
especially with fingers you use most often. A drop of nail glue will help secure
the wigglers.

Removal is really easy too; they'll start to loosen with wear. I
peel mine off with no damage to my actual nails, but they recommend you dab a
bit of nail polish remover on the sides for easier removal.

Most of my imPRESS nails are the
"short" length, which was much longer than I've ever grown my natural
nails, but an easy adjustment nonetheless. I have graduated to being able to wear the
"medium" for a few days, but it's much harder to text and take my
contacts out with those on.

I think well-kept nails are the easiest way to
look put-together to new acquaintances. With imPRESS, my hands look more
elegant--a thousand times prettier. When I've shredded my natural nails to
bits, I can just apply imPRESS on top and bam! Fancy lady status.

I don't feel
comfortable if at least one thing on my person isn't fake, whether that's
nails, lashes, tan or hair. Take that, natural beauty!

You can buy imPRESS in crazy peacock feather
designs but also in cherry red or nude; they come in French manicure style
too, but we all know French manicured nails are for girls who hang signs that
say "Live, Laugh, Love" on their wall.

These nails have also curbed my biting habit a little. I can't
gnaw on these for fear of ruining them. And to be honest, I get a squicked out
thinking of what's UNDER the nails, so I don't want to put them in my mouth.
It's working!

This obsession shows no signs of stopping. Have you guys tried