Hearts And Hand-Placed Glitter: Surprisingly Quick Nail Art For Romantics

Why wait until Valentine's Day?
Publish date:
January 7, 2014
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The other day, while scrounging around in my nail polish drawer--AKA The Lacquer Abyss--my hands happened upon a package of multicolored glitter. That glitter's been sitting in there for a while, and I've always meant to do something with it, but until that moment, I was never inspired to actually pick it up.

Still unsure of what I was going to do with it, I added the glitter packet to my little pile of base and top coat polishes, a nude polish and some reds. And as I was painting my first coat of nude, it came to me: hearts and glitter-accent nails. Of course! And thus, this article was born.

Let's start with the hearts. I've seen multiple ways to create a decent hand-painted heart. One way includes taking a piece of scotch tape, folding it in half and cutting out a little half-heart piece (channel your inner grade-school child making Valentine's Day cards). This works well and I've done it before, but if you're in a hurry and don't have time to wait for your polish to dry, here's the next best option.

(Psst... my nails are going through kind of a sour patch at the moment. Please forgive. Digging in the dirt and gathering rocks and sticks isn't exactly conducive to a pristine mani, hence the slightly uneven lengths.)

Once you've got your heart figured out, it's time to do the hand-placed glitter. I know what you're thinking: "Hand-placed glitter?! Won't that take a million years?!" Nope -- it won't! I actually did this in under 10 minutes! Here's how.

Dump a little bit of glitter onto an index card, piece of newspaper, whatever. You'll also want either a toothpick or tiny dotting tool--something that will pick up individual pieces of glitter easily.

Dip your tool into a tiny bit of top-coat polish so it's tacky and can pick up glitter easily.

Next, apply a bit of top coat just to the top of your nail. One by one, pick up a piece of glitter and lay it on your nail. It should release and stay put without any problem.

Repeat for each line of glitter and then seal with two to three thick layers of top coat. I'm sitting at day four with this manicure and haven't had any glitter fall off!

And there you have it. A pretty nail design that'll double as a great Valentine's Day mani when the time comes. Let me know if you try it!