Etsy Is A Treasure Trove Of Hand-Painted Press-On Nail Art

It turns out that DIY or going to a trendy nail art studio, though fun, isn’t the only way to get awesome nails anymore.
Publish date:
April 29, 2014
nail art, press-on nails, etsy, handmade, Pinky's

Nail painting is one of those things I’ll just never be great
at. I lose patience, I can’t sit still for
long, and most importantly, I just don’t have a steady hand.

I’ve been
practising my basic painting skills lately, and I think I’ve improved quite a
bit, but my nail art game is a
different story.

The thing is, I can’t paint something on a piece of paper,
nevermind on a tiny nail using sticky polish that smudges with my every move. I
went through a brief art phase once, and the neon creations I gifted to my
sister and friends still haunt me to this day. My lines are always wiggly, my
shapes strange and hard to decipher, and when translated into nail art, these
shortcomings become extra-brutal.

Now, maybe everyone knows about this already and I’ve been
hiding in a cave or something, but it turns out that DIY or going to a trendy nail art studio, though fun, isn’t the only way to get awesome nails
anymore. You can buy
press ons with pre-done nail art, and on Etsy of all places!

I’ve mentioned my love for press-ons before,
but these hand-painted beauties are a whole new level of amazingness. I ordered
a custom mermaid/California girl/pastel magic set from Pinky’s Etsy shop (Toronto’s coolest nail salon), and instead of having to go sit
in the salon trying not to move for hours while my nails dry and then being
afraid to touch anything for days, the nails were delivered directly to my
house, cured, solid and ready to go!

Not only is the tiny, perfect nail art way better than anything
I could possibly create (Those teeny palm trees! The sequins!), but there wasn’t much I could do to damage
the set. The press-ons cost about the same as a nail-art manicure Pinky’s or
elsewhere, but unlike real nails, the press ons are built to last.

The best
part? These nails can be carefully removed and re-applied over and over, so if
a rock-climbing lesson or a shift dish-washing at a restaurant suddenly comes
my way, I can take the nails off to protect them from harm. It’s
like investing in an outfit, only instead, I invested in glittery, dreamy

When it comes to Etsy nail shopping, the choices are practically endless. Pinky’s alone has three pages of nails ready to sell; they ship
internationally, and they offer custom designs, too. (In their words, “We can
make all your wildest nail dreams come true!”)

If all that isn’t enough for
you, there are other stores with hundreds of other nail options
just waiting for you. Seriously though, imagine building up a wardrobe of dream
nails, slipping them on for a special occasion like you would a great pair of

Have you ever bought nails online?