This Glitter Jelly Shoe Manicure Makes Up for the Fact that I Never Got My Childhood Dream Sandals

I think you ARE ready for this jelly.
Publish date:
March 10, 2016
manicures, glitter, retro, nail polish, CND

My obsession with shoes started early. I can still remember the first pair I fell in love with: the most sparkly, wonderfully glittery, blue jelly shoes from The Gap. My childhood self said, I must have these shoes, but alas, they sold out of my size and it was never meant to be.

Fast forward to last week when I got a manicure using the very glittery CND Shellac in Sparks Fly. My friend Lolin, who has very astute observational skills, pointed out with excitement: "Those look like jelly shoes!"

Naturally, the wheels in my head started spinning, dreaming once more of those beautiful, long lost shoes. Since Sparks Fly is a coral-pink, I knew I had to recreate something similar using blues.

As the heel of the jelly shoe appears more opaque than the body, I figured a gradient nail would be the perfect fit. To recreate the transparency of the shoe, I used a damp sponge for a hint of colour.

I painted stripes of CND Vinylux in Aqua-intance and Date Night on a damp sponge.

The results? Not perfect, but good enough to temporarily satisfy any jelly shoe needs.

  • Do you remember what you were doing when jelly shoes first entered your life?
  • What are your favourite pair of shoes of all-time and can they be recreated in nail form?