We Had An xoVain Nail Art Party In LA, Sort Of!

Allegra and I visited Glennis because... well, we've all wanted to meet! But also because she was going to give us some awesome holiday manicures.
Publish date:
December 24, 2013
manicures, nail art, holidays, Christmas, friends

It’s been a surreal month, I’ll
tell you that. It feels like all the characters I read about in fairy tales
came to life, except it’s even better: all my favourite beauty writers sprung up
from their humble dwellings that is my computer screen and became real people.

It’s a funny thing when people you have
seen only on your computer become “real people.” Someone told me
that I’m
much taller than he expected me to be--from my photos, he assumed I was 4’11,
which was highly amusing to me. Also, when it comes to my fellow xoVainers, all
their writing styles and quirk make more sense when I see them in person!

When I flew back to the west coast, LA dwellers Allegra and Glennis wanted to get together for a pow-wow,
and we did, xoVain style. Glennis, who is like the Kadinsky of nail art, got
our nails done in the span of a few hours, and what fun it was!

We settled in the cosy corner of her home, and she gently
and oh-so-expertly stripped my nails bare of the gel nails I stupidly got done
as Allegra recounted wisdom of the best over-the-counter medicine to take for migraines (apparently the UK has really good ones).

Allegra initially wanted nails inspired by Twisted
Christmas album, but decided she wanted all the reindeers and Santa on her
nails instead. In that process, I also learned all the reindeers’
names. I never knew they all had names aside from Rudolph!

After setting the canvas for her masterpiece, Glennis
started by painting semi-circles on Allegra’s nails with brown nail polish,
followed by a greyish brown for the antlers, and white for the whites of the
reindeers’ eyes.

Rudolph got special treatment, of course: an expertly glued-on red jewel nose.

Santa got a sparkly hat, and rosy cheeks, and the rest of
the reindeers got names above them
, so Allegra wouldn’t forget them. Plus, she has different voices for each of them. Girl’s got talent.

I, in true cheesy Christmas fashion, got candy cane nails because
a sucker for stripes and sweets.

You gotta admit, they look pretty bangin’ with my rings.

You can book an appointment with Glennis if you’re
in LA via her website!