Firework Nail Art For Your Inner Katy Perry

You want to own the night like the Fourth of July? Nail art.
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July 3, 2014
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I may be Canadian, but I still want to celebrate the Fourth of July, mainly because Canada Day (July 1) was on a Tuesday this year and I fell asleep before the fireworks. I did, however, enjoy one hell of a pool party last weekend, but that's beside the point.

The first step to getting into the spirit of America's Independence Day is a patriotic manicure. Nothing screams U.S.A. like pyrotechnics, right?


To paraphrase Katy Perry, this nail art tutorial has always been inside of you and now is the time to let it through. To that end, you'll need blue nail polish, glitter top coat, red and white nail art pens, and a toothpick.

STEP 1: Apply one to two coats of blue nail polish and allow to dry.

STEP 2: Paint accent nail (ring finger) with glitter top coat. Use the white nail pen to add a dot to all other nails; this will serve as a reference point for the fireworks.

STEP 3: Using the white nail art pen, draw curved lines away from the dot. Once dry, repeat the process with the red pen.

STEP 4: Using a toothpick, apply a drop of glitter in the center of the firework. Then use the white pen to add speckles at the ends of the white lines.

STEP 5: Seal with a top coat and allow to dry.

STEP 6: Let Your Colors Burst

What are you plans for the Fourth of July? Are you doing something fun and festive in the hair, nails, or makeup department? Details! Photos! Comments!


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