Indie Product Of The Week: FACE Stockholm Nail Expert Holographic Nail Polish

Henceforth to be referred to as Tiny Magical Liquid Galaxy In A Bottle.
Publish date:
April 24, 2014
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I can already see the comments: "FACE Stockholm isn't indie! I've heard of it! They did a thing with J.Crew!"

Guys. Just because a brand is popular and accessible and has been around for more than 30 years and makes an $1,800 bike doesn't mean it isn't indie! FACE has always been owned and operated by Gun Nowak and her daughter, Martina Arfwidson. To this day.

It's indie.

OK, enough preemptive defense. On to the product: Nail Expert Holographic Nail Polish.

Henceforth to be referred to as Tiny Magical Liquid Galaxy In A Bottle, this nail polish is mesmerizing. The color I have is Thea--goddess of both sight and sassy widow sitcoms--which looks like a simple, shimmery sea-foam green in some lights...

... and like a rainbow Magic Eye picture in others...

I'm wearing two coats in these photos, but if you have heavy-handed nail-painting "skills" like I do, one coat of this 3-free formula will be enough; I'm probably wearing the equivalent of, like, three coats. (I would've gone to a nail salon to get this painted on professionally, but some jerk copied my debit card and used it to buy $100 worth of gas in Chicago and I had only $8 on me and the salon near my apartment doesn't take Discover. I don't have a car and I've never even been to Chicago!)

Anyway, it comes in five other colors, but in those colors are ALL THE COLORS, sparkling like sand on a beach on another, much more colorful planet. You'll find yourself staring at your fingertips, tilting your hand at different angles to see the little changes.

It looked super-beautiful while I was holding the pole on the train this morning as we were going over the Manhattan Bridge, so I tried to take a picture of my hand, but I had the flash on for some reason, which is an unspoken no-no on public transportation, and everyone turned and looked at me.

It was embarrassing, but my nails looked awesome, so it's OK.