Evil Eye Nails: A Superstitious Manicure That Celebrates My Greek Heritage

I have an evil eye outside my house, in my house, in my car, on a necklace, several bracelets and even a midi ring. Why not on my nails?
Publish date:
April 4, 2014
manicures, nail art, Essie, Sally Hansen, cultures, Greek, superstitions

My mother’s entire family is
Greek, which makes for some loud conversations. I over-identified with My Big
Fat Greek Wedding
, which led me to mistakenly believe it was a good movie. I
eat lamb at least once a week and enjoy it. I prefer to take my meals in meze
form. I am also subconsciously superstitious and traditional in a lot
of ways.

One of my superstitions manifests through the evil eye. The evil eye,
or mati, is a curse that somebody puts on you--specifically
people who are envious. We also refer to the charm or bracelet with an evil eye
on it as an evil eye, which can become confusing, because the thing
preventing the evil eye being put on you is called an evil eye. Nobody said
there was a lot of logic behind it.

I have an evil eye outside my house, in my
house, in my car, on a necklace, several bracelets and even a midi ring. This
is serious stuff. To be honest, my interpretation of the evil eye is purely traditional,
and I use it mainly as a symbol of my heritage. It has also become quite a
trendy little accessory around the world. Hence my evil eye nail art. (Segue!)

These nails are quite minimalistic and clean. All you need to pull this off is a
transparent, streak-free base coat to even out your nails, a white nail polish,
a light blue nail polish, and a darker blue one. The tools we will use here are
French manicure tip sticker guides and a dotting tool (optional).

First, paint your nails using your base. I
used Essie Sugar Daddy, a sheer pink nail polish, to give my natural nails a
shiny, healthy glow.

Next, using the French manicure stickers, I placed the
guide where I could see that an eye could be made--upside down--and painted it with

Letting that dry, I left the stickers on
(if your nail polish is even a little bit wet before you pull these off, you
can create quite a mess) and started with the centre of my eye.

For the iris
part of the evil eye, I didn’t have a dotting tool big enough to create a
perfect dot, so I used the brush of the light blue polish that I was using, Essie
Mint Candy Apple, and placed a dot in the center of my white eye. Some brushes
are flatter than an Essie brush, but you can swivel it around to make a full

For the center pupil, I used Sally Hansen
Complete Salon Manicure in Navy Baby and a dotting tool, which can be replaced
with a toothpick or paintbrush or manicure stick if you like.

After this dried completely, I took the
sticker guides off and painted a top coat to seal it all in. This needs to be
fully dry before doing this, because making dots can often cause wet nail
polish to be caught in the middle of them, and gliding a top coat on just makes
them streak all around.

And there you have it: nails to ward off
the jealous gazes that your nails will warrant. My sister said they creeped her
out, but I love them. Now I don’t have to spit three times for luck.