I Broke All My Nails, But My Cuticles Still Look Damn Good

Eve Lom Cuticle Cream is not only keeping my recently-demolished nails somewhat presentable, it's also helping them grow back stronger.
Publish date:
September 4, 2013
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When it comes to my nails, I either treat them like they're tiny, delicate Fabergé eggs (hey, nail art idea!), or take out all of my stress and anxiety on them by picking and peeling until I look like I just escaped a torturous interrogation of some sort. And if I'm picking my nails, without a doubt, I'll use what's left of my nails to pick at my cuticles.

Over the last few weeks, however, I was on a care kick, which, of course, means something had to go wrong.

A few weeks ago, I had purchased a piece of inexpensive "art" from a big-box store (so I arguably I deserved what happened), and when I finally went to remove the cardboard corners that were stapled onto the frame, I managed to bend back and fracture several nails. (I know some of you got nauseated/shivers/angry just reading that--sorry.) Instead of just clipping and filing nice and evenly, the stress of what had just happened made the jagged nails on my left hand just too tempting to my right hand, and it went in for the kill, picking and, in the process, chopping up its own nails. STUPID RIGHT HAND.

So, yeah, my nails look like puh-poo.

But my cuticles? Delightful!

That's because, right before The Attack Of The Big Box Store "Art" Cardboard, I'd started using Eve Lom Cuticle Cream.

There's just something about the name Eve Lom that's so inviting, right? I don't even know if there's a real person named Eve Lom, but I trust "her" and her well-deserved cult following. And you know what happens if you rearrange the letters in Eve Lom? You get LOVE ME. I do love you, Eve Lom, and this cuticle cream is one of the reasons why.

Unlike other cuticle creams, which are often a thick balm or salve texture, Eve Lom is actually a cream--a light, opaque, almost-gooey one in a pale mint green that I like to stare at for a couple minutes before I use it because that color has a calming effect on me.

It also differs from less expensive cuticle creams (it's $24) in its ingredients. While you may find ingredients like almond oil, avocado oil and shea butter in a lot of drugstore options, Eve Lom Cuticle Cream steps it up with kokum butter and copper to condition like nobody's biznatch.

I've been massaging a little dot of it into my cuticles every night for about a week, and I can't remember the last time they've been so smooth and snag-free. And where there are no snags, there is no temptation to pick and pull.

And there's a bonus: the formula promotes healthy nail growth, so it shouldn't be long before my nails are back to the length they were prior to this unfortunate incident.

Are you willing to spend a little more on your cuticle cream if it makes a noticeable difference? Are you judging me for buying "art" at Target? What are some anagrams for your name? (Marci Robin = micro brain, so that's great.)