8 Minty Nail Polishes To Match My Mint Hair

So fresh and so green.
Publish date:
June 30, 2014
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'Tis the season for sunshine, long bike rides, skinny dipping, and ice cream cones! I’m all about mint lately (in a cone or on my nails), and these eight milky-mint polishes are a frosty summer delight.

Pink will forever be my soulmate color, but I just can't keep away from mint in the summertime. I already colored my hair mint, and there’s no shortage of the shade in my wardrobe and home decor, either.

Now I'm on to hoarding mint nail polishes, which, to the naked eye, may seem similar, but to me are all totally unique and special in their individual mintiness. Some are more blue, others more green, and a few even have cute little sparkles.

The best part? Unlike a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, these beauties don’t melt!

1. Floss Gloss in Glowstar

Described as an “extreme pastel,” Glowstar is the perfect ‘90s glow-in-the-dark color, without the weird light exposure rules and the black lights. It doesn’t get much more milky than this shade.

2. RGB in Dew

Similar to Glowstar but a tiny bit more blue, Dew is fairly sheer and requires a couple coats for full coverage. Once dry, it looks almost white on the nail, with just a hint of mint.

3. Zoya in Neely

Surprisingly opaque and pigmented, Neely is much more minty than it looks in the bottle. It’s the perfect shade of washed out blue-green, but it’s still extremely subtle on the mint scale.

4. Formula X in Sci-fi

The most glitter-packed polish in this roundup, Sci-fi is a super magical micro-glitter with a pearly finish. The glitter itself is actually opalescent, but when it combines with the mint base it mimics clustered up aquamarine crystals.

5. Deborah Lippmann in Flowers in her Hair

One of my all-time favorites, Lippmann’s Flowers in Her Hair is part of this year’s limited edition spring line, and I’m seriously considering stocking up on a few extra bottles to ensure I never run out. A perfect, creamy, toothpaste mint, this formula has great coverage and staying power.

6. RGB in Minty

Opaque, pigmented, and a little more aquamarine than the others, minty is an elegant green. It’s a little more saturated, so it definitely makes a statement, but the subtle hint of blue in the formula makes it more wearable.

7. Zoya in Dillon

If mermaids made a list of their favorite nail polishes, I’m sure Dillon would rank very highly. A metallic green with silver and gold micro-glitter and a whole bunch of shimmer, this polish goes on thin enough to work as a top coat if you want to pair it with another magical shade.

8. Floss Gloss in Wavepool

The least minty in the group, and the only matte finish, I am totally obsessed with this shade of milky turquoise. I’m not a huge fan of the chalky, matte texture, but a top coat quickly buffs up this color into a gleaming beauty. It also perfectly matches my hair at the moment, which obviously earns bonus points!

Do you love mint as much as I do? If you don't, it's totally okay, you probably love another pastel--pink, purple, what's your summer color? Also, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?!