This Dotted Half-Moon Mani Is Nail Art You Can Actually Do

Nail art for the nail art challenged.

I'll be the first to admit that I am the worst at nail art. Tutorials make it look so easy, but when I attempt it I just make a mess. So I was super excited to try a nail design I could ACTUALLY complete. It's called the dotted half-moon manicure, and I promise: you can do this!


  • Base coat
  • Vibrant blue nail polish
  • Metallic gold nail polish
  • Bobby pin
  • Paperclip
  • Top coat

Step 1: Base coat and blue nail polish

I started by applying a coat of Sally Hansen Green Tea and Bamboo Nail Strengthener as my base coat. Once that was dry, I applied two coats of Sinful Shine Gel Shine Polish in Most Sinful.

Step 2: Use the bobby pin to deposit the larger dots

Once your second coat of color is dry, take the rounded tip of your bobby pin and dip it into your gold polish. (I put a little blob of it on a piece of paper for easier access.) Use the bobby pin as a dotting tool and place one dot at the center of the nail, just above the cuticle, and two slightly higher dots on either side of the first dot. Grab more gold polish in between if needed.

Step 3: Use the paperclip to deposit the smaller dots

Next, unfold a paperclip and dip the edge into the gold polish. This time you will place smaller dots in the empty space between your large dots: one on either side of the center dot, one each on the outside of the other two dots, and one just above the center dot.

Once your dots have dried you can layer on your favorite top coat (I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat) and run show off your not-hard work.

What are your favorite easy nail art designs? Pictures in the comments!