DO THIS DON'T: Frosted Nails

They're not "trashy," you fools!

Over the past decade or so there's been this weird fascination with opaque, full-coverage nail color in rich, vibrant colors. Like calling a "QR" about a girl during sorority rush (if you don't know what that means, you're not supposed to), saying that, "I had to use, like, four coats," about a nail polish translates to "game over."

I'd been a full participant in the search for these kinds of polishes--thick, some more like a rubber coating than a thin enamel, taking forever to dry but peeling rather quickly. And do you know how hard it is to find a bright, opaque sky blue? Or yellow? Lilac? WHITE??

Glitter is having its moment, matte polishes had theirs, but as far as the masses are concerned, frosty is "a little trashy."

Frosty lips I totally get. Yes, they're very Dad's-new-girlfriend-who-smokes-skinny-cigarettes circa 1997. They have to be done up mega-editorial to look decent. It takes a certain kind of girl to pull of a frosted lip, you know? Frosted eye makeup, same train. It's kind of like a study in sluts: Can you keep it from falling on your lashes? Did you pair it with black liquid liner? Are you using primer or is it just all just smushed up into your creases?

Frosted nails, however, need more credit! They have a sort of elegance about them--like, I bet Monica Bellucci has an entire collection of sheer, frosty polishes on her sexy-ass vanity and that she just sits around in some cush marabou-trimmed silk robe, listening to records and painting her nails and doing Italian stuff and exfoliating her lips with crushed diamonds.

My choice frosty polish is Chanel's Pearl Drop.

It's a slightly iridescent white polish, that has a faint hint of glow-y yellow sheen when the light hits.

Of course you'll get more coverage with more coats, but I really like the sheer look of just one coat, as pictured. My naked nails are a bit discolored from a yellow polish with no base coat, and Pearl Drop totally covers it, giving the look of a really sophisticated french tip. It really brightens the white tips and the long reflections from the brushstrokes lengthen the nail.

It's not super-thick or tacky--definitely on the thinner side. All of Chanel's polishes have a great consistency, making them really easy to brush on in even coats. They also keep the consistency over time, rather than thickening up and getting super globby. I've had this polish for probably two years and it's still really easy to use.

Above is the polish in natural light. Not even those skanky keys can make it look trashy.

Sometimes, though, iPhones can actually take the best photos. It really picked up the yellow shimmer. Chanel does shimmer in their polishes just like in their other makeup products--the flecks are VERY finely milled, so they don't read as glitter flakes, just a bit iridescent. Even many their more opaque, flat colors have teeny tiny flecks of shimmer, which makes them look a billion times better on nails than other formulations.

And now for other great frosty suggestions! Ricky's makes a similar white polish, although it goes on much thicker. And did you guys read Rio's article on Chanel reds? She's, like, a legit beauty scholar.