How To Get A Turquoise Stone-Style Manicure At Home

If you like this turquoise manicure, put a turquoise ring on it.
Publish date:
June 17, 2014
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I would say I'm roughly as obsessed with jewelry as I am with beauty. Scouring antique markets and boutiques for a unique ring or necklace is a purely joyous pastime. And I always feel a swell of pride when someone asks where I found a particular piece.

One of my favorite finds is a hunk of turquoise encased in a brass setting. The blue-green stone reminds me of swimming pools and summer skies. Since I'm a fan of tasteful overkill, I decided to give the ring some company and DIY a matching mani. Guess what? It's so easy!

1. Apply A Minty Blue-Green Base

I started with a base of Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail Color in I Need A Refresh-Mint. I love this shade because it's a perfect match for the ring. The brush is also nice and wide, so it coats each nail with opaque color and dries quickly.

2. Sponge On Some White Acrylic Paint

Dimension plays an important role in getting this manicure right. Turquoise isn't a flat shade, it has gradient color. Enter my favorite nail art tool: acrylic paint. Simply cut off a bit of a cosmetic sponge and dip it into a bit of white paint. Dab the colored sponge to random spots on your nails to create soft, lighter sections.

3. Sponge On A Darker Blue-Green Polish

To add more definition I decided to use the same sponge technique to apply a slighter darker blue-green nail polish, SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Emerald City. The effect was subtle, but also slightly 3-D, which I like.

4. Paint In Grey and Black Veins

Finally, I needed to add little veins to really give it that authentic turquoise look. I noticed in my ring that the veins were darker and lighter in different sections, so I used a bit of medium grey acrylic paint and black acrylic paint with a super fine-tipped paintbrush to dot and dab little lines throughout, alternating the shades to give it some authenticity. A final coat of clear nail polish once everything had dried set my artwork, and all I needed was my turquoise ring to finish the look.

What accessories or objects would you like to see translated into a manicure? Perhaps I'll find my next project in the comments!