Stop Everything You're Doing And Look At These Donut Nails

The spirit of your inner Homer Simpson compels you.
Publish date:
July 1, 2014
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The worlds of beauty and food don't often collide. But when the stars align just right, we get joyful, carb-tastic things like donut nails.

I know my donuts, graphically and gastronomically speaking. When I was doing the buying for my short-lived online store, I came across A LOT of donut prints. Lightbulb moment: put the donuts on my nails.


Donut worry (sorry not sorry), this is a fairly simple look to achieve. All you need is a white nail polish for the base, a brown for the actual donut, a pink for the icing, and a few bright colors for the sprinkles.

I’m using a Michellori polish for the white, OPI in You Don't Know Jacques for the donut, Mavala polish in La Paz for the icing, and Essie in Mint Candy Apple and China Glaze in Lemon Fizz (as well as white) for the sprinkles.

STEP 1: Paint your nails white and allow to dry.

STEP 2: Paint a donut shape on the center of your middle fingernail.

STEP 3: Ice the donut with pink polish.

Step 4: Ice the rest of our nails. Paint the top half of each nail to create a dripping effect and allow to dry.

STEP 5: SPRINKLES! Draw tiny dashes on with a toothbrush or fine paintbrush.

Seal the look with top coat and wait for it to dry. Maybe eat a donut (carefully) while you wait.

How do you feel about donuts on your nails? Are you hungry?