DIY Birthday Nails To Get The Party Started

Every girl needs a good HBD nail art design in her back pocket.
Publish date:
August 1, 2014
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I’m all about ceremonious occasions. On the day of a special event, I like to spend my time painting my nails, doing my hair, epilating my legs, perfecting my makeup, and just getting excited.

Actually, sometimes the getting ready part is more fun than the event itself, which sounds really desperately sad, but I assure you it isn't. I just happen to have a lot of fun preparing, listening to music, and pretending I’m in a movie montage.

When I turned 21, I did a mint floral manicure and it made the day feel even more special. For my birthday this year, I've created a confetti- and streamer-style design that's suitable for any celebration (not just birthdays). So if you have something special coming up on your calendar, stay with me for a minute or two.

You can use any colors you'd like, but something sparkly is non-negotiable. My shades are above--I chose the solid hues based on the colors in my glitter. I wanted the palette to flow nicely for a classy (not clashy) result.

STEP 1: Apply a base coat of two alternating solids and one fine glitter accent nail.

To start, I alternated painting my nails with MAC Pep Pep Pep and Michelle Ori Blanc, leaving out my ring finger, which was painted with Mavala Sparkling Blue.

A note on Pep Pep Pep: this is a pain in the behind that takes multiple coats to reach opacity. In the end you do get a pretty peach color, though.

STEP 2: Coat pinky and thumb fingernails with a chunky glitter polish.

I used Sephora Top Coat in Fireworks over one peach and one white nail.

STEP 3: Dot confetti onto index fingernails.

Now for the confetti! Using a dotting tool (or a toothpick or paintbrush), I painted dots all over my index fingernail. I decided to incorporate the silver Essie Loophole, Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Essie Olé Caliente.

Step 4: Streamers!

I used the same Mavala Sparkling Blue polish to paint a stripe down the center of my middle finger. Then I used the MAC Pep Pep Pep and Essie Mint Candy Apple to add lines alongside it.

After a sealing swipe of top coat and the obligatory dry time, you're ready to partay.

Does anyone else enjoy getting ready more than going out? What kind of fun birthday nails have you done?