I'm A David Bowie Fangirl And I Have The Nail Art To Prove It

"David Bowie is" opens at Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario this week, and I commemorated the occasion with a manicure fit for a queen bitch.
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September 25, 2013
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THE SPACE ODDITY HAS LANDED. Sort of, almost, soon.

Just in time for my birthday, the Art Gallery of Ontario is bringing the city of Toronto David Bowie is, a two-floor exhibit dedicated to the alien creature that is David Bowie, and I cannot effing wait. I already have my members' preview tickets and I plan on going at least twice.

But before I can go, I had to make sure that I was well-prepared and on an equal level of fabulousness with the objects that would be on display, so I went and gave myself a Bowie-inspired manicure.

And I took pictures, obviously. This article, unfortch, will not be a super-thorough how-to guide on how to recreate the nails because it would actually take less time for me to write out every single one of Bowie's lyrics. The manicure took an episode of Jeopardy, the entirety of Step Brothers (extended cut), and almost all of North By Northwest to complete, so you're going to get a rough synopsis and lots of pretty pictures as opposed to a three-act play about my nail process. Ya dig?

My inspiration for the manicure was David Bowie's looks over the years, particularly his outfits and makeup because those are very important things. The man is such a chameleon, which is something I appreciate as a human being who lives off of playing dress-up and transforming. I mean, I don't need to wax poetic here about why Bowie is amazing. Everyone loves Bowie, except for my dad, for reasons I will never fully grasp.

Anyway, let's go on an adventure through time and nail art, shall we?

These three nails were inspired by Bowie's Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane era makeup. I love how he always had sunset-esque tones on his face: lots of reds, golds, oranges and pinks.

My favourite is the thumb (far left), which was done in an ombré of pink (Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Daytripper) to orange to yellow using a cosmetic sponge to blend the colours together; then I coated it with a sheer gold shimmer and adorned it with a pink flatback Swarovski crystal above the cuticle.

The cute diamond glitter pieces on the top nail are from a nail art favourite of mine, the super-cheapo Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit. It's full of sequins and glitter and studs and gold foil, all for three bucks.

The sequin "buttons" on the bottom nail are from Fing'rs Heart 2 Art nail art kits, which are readily available at Walmart (what what) and absolutely nowhere online (cool, thanks guys!).

This Kansai jumpsuit inspired me to create a black and silver nail. I painted a base of black (Rimmel London Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish in Black Satin) and dotted on silver polish in curvy lines, and then bits of white polish to brighten it up too; I then finished it off with a silver stud from the above-mentioned Walmart fabulous Heart 2 Art nail art kits. (That company seriously needs to get on the e-commerce tip.)

Red to orange to gold polish flames were painted on to a two-toned blue base, and then I used the above black Rimmel polish to make sure they stood out.

Ziggy's various prints inspired this teener-tiners pinkie nail, with an opaque red base and a middle stripe of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in the shimmery red shade Lustgarten, and then white and black tics were added "for fun."

Dapper Bowie in his striped suit deserved a striped pinkie nail. The lines aren't super straight, but I was painting with my left hand and this was the last nail after almost three hours, so leave me alone.

As for all the detailed nail art, I used a skinny-mini paintbrush from the dollar store, and to seal in all of my artwork, I coated my nails with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat, a favourite of Alle's and a true wonder product.

So there you have it: my crazy Bowie hands. What's your favourite Bowie look? I'll leave you all with one of my favourite photos of Bowie.