Easy Daisy-Print Nail Art Inspired By A Skirt That Nearly Ruined My Self-Esteem

Daisy print is everywhere right now, including my nails.
Publish date:
March 13, 2014
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The other day, I was at one of the many fast-fashion stores
I frequent when I spotted the most adorable black daisy-print midi skirt that I
knew I had to have.

I lovingly carted said skirt to the changing room, where I
discovered that it was the wrong kind of midi skirt--the kind that hits me
mid-calf and makes me look about eighteen thousand times chunkier and shorter
than I really am. Also, the changing room lighting was weird, and when did I
grow a moustache? What do you mean I need to stop crying in changing rooms,
ma’am? And yes, I will be taking that shapewear in all the colours.

To cut a tragic tale of feminism and self-confidence short, I didn’t take the skirt home with me, and I thought about
it day and night. Instead of going back and buying something I would never wear
again, I decided to translate the print onto my favourite medium: interpretive

JK--I decided to do my nails using the daisy print to spare myself the
buyer’s remorse.

This print is really simple and cute to turn into nail art.
All you need is a base colour, white for the petals and yellow or orange for
the middle thingy of the daisy (scientific jargon). I decided to use black for
the base in honour of the print found on all clothing ever these days, and also
a salute to my '90s origins.

I used LA Girl Professional Salon Lacquer in Blacktrack for
the base. Paint your nails as usual using your base colour and let dry.

Then, using a dotting tool or toothpick or nail art pen or
paintbrush (so many options!), start your print by dotting five “petals” in a
circle. Once you do this, dot the middle of the petals with white to make the
base of your daisy.

You can position the daisies any way that you like, with
varying sizes, or you can make it more uniform.

Now, using your yellow or orange polish, dot the middle of
the daisies.

And you’re good to go.

Would you try this? Have you ever cried in a changing room?
Do you want to be my best friend?