It's Illegal, But Here's Why I Like My Cuticles Snipped

When I hear people say I shouldn't snip my cuticles I put my perfectly manicured fingers into my ears and go, "NANANANANA."
Publish date:
September 24, 2013
manicures, salons, cuticles, cuticle clipping

I actually had no clue that it's illegal to have your cuticles clipped at a salon. I didn't get a ton of manicures while living in Texas, but I definitely remember having my cuticles snipped at all of them. I like the smooth, uniform look of having them trimmed, and won't settle for anything else.

Observe my un-manicured fingers:

I haven't cared too much about my nails since buying my ukulele. My callouses at the tips are peeling and the nails will need a trim soon, but a quick scroll to the top nav bar will show that "nails" are 20% of my available topic options for writing on this here site, so I'll pay attention to my cuticles as I find the time. Which, by the way, is not often.

Some people don't believe in doing any sort of pushing or clipping to their cuticles at all, leaving two polish options.

OPTION 1: Paint them over...

OPTION 2: Paint just up to the cuticles...

Both options spark such extreme anger deep, deep inside of my squishy gut worms that I literally start sweating out of pure rage. They're reminiscent of nothing clever or funny--because this isn't a joking matter--just of a chick that doesn't know how to paint her own nails. "Sloppy"'s the word.

Next we have the option of pushing the cuticles back. You can soak them in soapy warm water, or use a cuticle removing product to expedite the process. This might work for a chick with cute little cuticles, like the piping on the edge of a mid-range leather handbag, but I've no such cuticles.

OPTION 3: Push the cuticles back...

You can see that my cuticles don't scrunch back into submission, they become so big and overgrown that when melted and pushed, they just lift up from the nail like tissues standing up out of a box. I see this option with polish and curl up in a corner screaming, "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU."

This is why I snip.

OPTION 4: Clip them off, for the sake of all that is holy.

I've read arguments that trimming cuticles puts you at risk of infections and viruses and all the etcetera. So does: shaving, popping and picking zits, tweezing, and waxing. Be smart about it. Don't clip too close to the skin that's still alive around the nail bed. And wash your hands as often as you should. As for having them clipped at a salon, I can see how cleanliness would be an issue. Salons also spread foot viruses from the soaking tubs. If you're that worried about it, I'd stay away from salons in general. I do!

Clipping cuticles doesn't mean that you're walking around with a gaping hole on your finger for which germs to fall into. It's all about removing that dead skin that's been creeping up your nail. UNDERSTAND?

Thank you and have a good afternoon.