De-Glitter Your Nails Easily with This Toothy Sponge Thing

It might conjure up disturbing thoughts from the movie Teeth, but it WORKS.

Sometimes, when wearing super-glittery nail polish, I am so overwhelmed by the thought of removing said polish that I go get a manicure just so I don't have to do the job myself. In other words, I don't go for the manicure — I go simply to have the old stuff stripped off.

The manicurist will look down at my nails to access the situation and then, slowly, shift her eyes upward with a look that says, "I better get a good tip for this." And then she applies cotton balls to each finger and douses them with the most potent remover available before Operation Glitter Removal commences. It's an annoying, time-consuming process that nobody wants to do. Not even the pros.

So, when Cutex released their new Twister Spa Formula nail polish remover tub, which costs, like, $3 and promises to make my glitter-obsessed life more manageable, I was like, "LET'S SEE ABOUT THIS."

Guess what, folks: I'm here to tell you that, yes, it actually works. And yeah, it might conjure up disturbing thoughts from the movie Teeth, but if it means saving precious time and minimizing the number of swear words you use during a single polish-removing session, that counts as a winner in my book.

It works like the other tub removers, only instead of just the polish-soaked sponge, it has an extra "twister" vessel that gently scrubs away at stubborn nail polish. I tried a few different methods of using it, but found one process that worked best for me. I start by sticking my finger in the soft sponge area to soak the polish. Then I place the same finger into the twister section and rotate the tub. The scrubber is softer than it looks, but still effective. Finally, if there's anything left (usually not much, if so), I'll go back to the soft sponge.

One con: the nail polish remover does dry out my skin, as you can see from around the edges of my nails above. I follow up with a moisturizer to combat this.

  • What do you use to remove glitter nail polish?
  • Does anyone else think Cutex should have gone with blue or green for the sponge? Anything but pink...