CUTE COUPLE ALERT! Adidas Jeremy Scott Flame Sandals + NCLA Nail Wraps

Just booked a trip to Texas for the sole purpose of actually getting to wear these.
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March 20, 2013
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So we want to add some more quicky-type fun stuff to the site, when in actuality I think this is an exercise in getting me not to ramble in all of my posts... but ANYWAY. Marci's going to be asking y'all a "quick question" every day. So I was all, "Hmm. What shall I do? A short post that I need to create DAILY(ish)!?"

I've been wanting to incorporate some other things I like BEYOND the world of beauty because I'm beginning to forget that society and culture exist past the mountain of eyeshadow compacts, nail polish, and resurfacing creams on my desk. But, this is a beauty site, and I like that stuff. IS THAT SO WRONG? Part of the fun of going to a show is getting to wear your new lipstick and as much glitter as you damn well please, right?

Thus CUTE COUPLE ALERT! is birthed and spanked and stuff! I was going to call it "These Two Things Go Together Well," but it's not as catchy and harder to type. I'm open to more suggestions in the comments; this is the internet, nothing is set in stone. It's all floating around in iridescent glitter through the ether until it collects into neon electro currents whereupon it then explodes behind the glass of your computer screen to make what you see in front of you now.

SO, remember how I told you guys I was going to go to the Nike store to buy shoes and snap-tear sweats as part of my Saturday shopping spree AKA most perfect day ever? Well, first of all, the lady shoe section at the Nike store in Soho was bunk. There were, like, eight styles to choose from while the dudes get an entire three walls dedicated to shoes that look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. And snap pants for females? None. INCONCEIVABLE.

As a swift middle finger to Nike, I purchased not only one but TWO pieces of Adidas stuff that day, including these sick shower sandals. I imagine that these same sandals are worn by all the teenagers at the X-Men mutant academy in the locker room after gym class. OMG you guys, STOP thinking about teens in the shower.

I won't be able to wear them until I can get down to more suitable weather at the end of April (unless I sock it--should I sock it?), so I'll let them out to breathe via internet for the time being.

Don't they look adorable with these NCLA gradient nail wraps? The set comes with a pink and orange combo and these in green and blue, which I think really complement the flames, no? Also, THE Madeline Poole designed the print as part of a collab because she's all about collabs. And you guys know I love Madeline Poole.

Has anybody been able to wear sandals yet? What was your first toenail job of the 2013 like? Colors? Did you match your shoes? These are all examples of things we can talk about in the comments or via social media.