My Custom Press-On Nails Are Finally Here!

But they didn’t turn out exactly as I'd hoped…

Remember when I wrote about the custom press-on nails I created for myself? Well, just as I predicted, my molds were such crap that my nail impressions were unreadable, which resulted in a do-over--in case you were wondering why it took me three months to get these suckas back.

The typical wait time (for someone who likes to follow directions) is three to four weeks, so make sure you read all the instructions and watch all the tutorials if you’re thinking about investing in these.

Luckily, the application process wasn’t as hard as the impressions process. Like, how hard can it be to glue on a nail? Well, hold up: with these, there are a few additional steps that need to be carefully followed, since these aren’t your average drugstore press-ons.

Here’s what was in the box when it came back:

· One bottle of adhesive de-bonder to make sure the glue doesn’t stick to your skin

· One bottle of soak to remove nails once you’re ready

· One dish to soak your nails off in

· One bottle of nail dehydrator that allows the glue to stick to your nail

· One bottle of nail protector to apply once nails are removed

· One file

· One buffer

· Two sticks to help remove any excess glue from under your nails

· One bottle of adhesive (nail glue)

· One manicure brush

· One stand to put nails on if you want to paint them before applying

Here’s how they recommend you apply them:

· Lay out each nail in order so you’re not scrambling to find which one you need when you need it. Each nail is numbered from one to 10, with one being your left pinky and 10 being your right pinky.

· Thoroughly wash your hands with soap, water (duh), and scrub on top and around your nails using the manicure brush.

· Make sure your cuticles are pushed back and your nails are free of polish, filed, and buffed.

· Once your hands are totally dry, apply the nail dehydrator on your nail beds to prep them for the adhesive. Then apply the nail de-bonder on the sides and the top of your nails, so no glue gets stuck there and rips your skin off.

· The next step is pretty easy: add adhesive (there’s no set amount, use your own judgement) to the top of each nail, stopping right below the smile line, and apply the nail by pushing it against and gently under your cuticle. You want to make sure it’s in there nice and tight before pushing down on it and laying it flat. Press firmly on the nail with your thumb for 30 seconds to make sure it’s secure.

· Clean up any excess glue with a stick dipped in soak, repeat these steps 10 times, and you’ve got yourself a set of custom press-ons!

They recommend that you don't shower, wash dishes, swim, clean, or do anything else that involves having your hands in water for at least two hours.

If you do everything right, the nails typically last between 10 days and four weeks, with the average wear time being two-to-three weeks.

Now, I swear I followed the application directions correctly AND watched the tutorial video, but somehow I still ended up losing five nails the first day. Also, I think they’re a bit too long (I wanted them to be longer than my natural nails, but maybe that wasn’t quite the look after all.) And I could file them, but honestly, I’m tired.

In conclusion, perhaps this type of artificial nails isn’t for me. Or maybe it’s that following directions isn’t for me.

Now you: Is this something you’d want to try? Any other nail trends you'd like to see me explore? Tell me in the comments!