Crystal Nails: A Manicure Inspired By My Favorite Gemstones And Minerals

When it comes to nail polish inspiration, I tend to look to the earth’s magical glittery offerings.

I’ve had a fascination with gems and crystals for as long as I
can remember. When I was a child, my rock collection was of extreme importance,
and the very best days were those days when my mom took my to The Crystal
, a tiny shop on Granville Island in Vancouver
specializing in rocks and gems.

The shop was filled with huge pieces of stone and crystal,
jewelry and pink salt lamps; but the best part was the rock cave. Tucked neatly
at the back of the shop, the rock cave’s floor was completely filled with
polished stones and crystals, and as a kid, jumping in there in just socks and
digging for the perfect rock to take home was about as much fun as I could
possibly imagine.

I kept all of my findings in a small wooden box
lined with velvet under my bed. Whenever I went to the beach, forest, or The
Crystal Ark, I always brought home a new trophy and quickly hid it away in the
box. It was my idea of a treasure chest.

But then we moved, and then we moved again, and then I moved
clear across the country, and in the end no one is really sure where the tiny
chest went. I secretly hope it ended up buried somehow (Jumanji style) and some
curious children find it and love it like I did. But while I wait for some random
kids to come knocking on my door to tell me they found my treasure chest
and they need my help because the crystals now somehow have magical powers, I
shall keep occupied by painting my nails like my favourite crystals and stones.


Fool’s gold is not for fools, guys! It’s so pretty, I don’t even
care if it’s copying real gold. Pyrite a symbol of money and good luck, and is said to be
very protective and attract good fortune.

I started with a coat of Sally Hansen
colour quick pen in Gold Chrome, than added a layer of Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow, and topped it off with American Apparel Meteor Shower.


Ever notice how shards of amethyst have the loveliest purple
gradient? Not only is it gorgeous, it translates perfectly on nails as a
multi-layered purple geode. It's apparently used in spells to magnify beauty, and it's good for stress and

I started with a layer of OPI Berlin There Done
That for a grey rock base, then added Revlon's Charming in a messy circle
covering most of my nail; I then dabbed on a touch of Nicole by OPI in Bah Plumbug (dabbed to create texture), and finally a hint of Sally Hansen Diamond
Jubilee in the middle for glitter reasons.


OK, so I know Annie already did Opal nails, but opals are my absolute favourite stone and I just
couldn’t leave them out. Plus, my take involves a more flaky texture and far
fewer colours.

Opals are seductive stones that are believed to help magnify traits,
both good and bad, and can prevent bad health when utilized properly.

Just paint on China Glaze's Rainbow first, then Holika Holika's Blue Aura, and a top it off with a double
coat of China Glaze Luxe and Lush.

Rainbow Quartz

Magical and dark, rainbow quartz has a certain dark magic
appeal going on and I’m so into it. Also known as titanium aura quartz or flame quartz, the strong vibrational energy of this crystal is said
to help heal the human energy field.

To get the look, paint your nail black (I used OPI
Black Onyx), then top it with rainbow hologram glitters of any sort. I used
Butter London’s Fairy Cake and some craft store glitter chunks.


For a long stint, I told everyone I wanted my engagement ring to
be a big teardrop aquamarine someday instead of a diamond. I love the minty
blue colour of this gemstone--so much, in fact, you may see it appearing
somewhere else on me very soon.

Considered an all-purpose healing stone, aquamarine is
particularly good for matters of the mind.

I started with a layer of Americal Apparel Office with Sally Girl's Brainy on top, and a touch of Deborah Lippmann Shake
Your Money Maker in an ombre style from the cuticle up.

Spirit Quartz

I’ve just discovered this crystal, and honestly who wouldn’t
love the iridescent pink/purple glimmer in combination with the nickname “Fairy
Wand”? I’m sold.

It's said to provide support and comfort, and has strong healing powers that can aid both the body and the soul.

To attain that perfect pinky-purple
shimmer, I started with a layer of China Glaze Rainbow, then added Butter
London Fairy Lights on top, followed by a touch of Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven for that extra bit of sparkle magic.

What’s your favourite crystal?