6 Nail Polish Bottles That Will Make You Do A Double Take

These brands, at least two of which are butt-obsessed, put their fun colors in cute, crazy and all-around hard-to-ignore packaging.

Like most consumers, I'm partial to fabulous packaging. It's not unusual for me to fall prey to cool fonts, bright colors, catchy slogans or things that sparkle. Superman has his kryptonite; I have my scientifically-engineered-to-entice-the-buyer presentations.

If you're suckered into buying things just because they look damn cool, I suggest you skim through the rest of this article with your hands over your eyes. Otherwise, you're bound to spend money. Pay day is when?

Bootie Babes Fashion Nail Polish

What's more enticing than a duo-chrome nail polish housed inside a voluptuous derriere? It's weird, I know, but you also can't help but want to own one of these, right?

The names are also... um... cheeky (sorry). For example, below I've swatched Killer Keister, a gorgeous shade of fiery red-meets-orange that's perfect for fall and winter.

Looking through the website, many of the nail polishes are iridescent or duo-chromatic, meaning they have a sort of two-colors-in-one effect.

The formula runs on the thin side, but isn't unmanageable. The swatch above is only two coats. The lighter shades--including Pacific Rim--require more coats, as they're quite sheer.

ManGlaze The Original Matte Nail Polish

I thought I remembered seeing nail polish bottles shaped like butts, so I typed in "butt nail polish" into the ol' Google. While the above Bootie Babes popped up, so did a nail polish from ManGlaze titled Butt Taco. Yes, Butt Taco. That's called hitting the Google jackpot, girls.

After I stopped laughing, I perused the website, only to discover that the art on their nail polishes bottles is super-cool. It has a sort of street-art vibe to it, and each bottle has its own design.

As you may have gathered from Butt Taco, the names of these polishes are hysterical. They have a brown nail polish called Santorum, and a pretty shade of pink dubbed F*** Off & Dye.

According to the owner, official art is imminent for the Butt Taco nail polish. He says the design will feature "a delicious taco cradled in a nice butt."

The above design uses Mink Mitten, which is a gorgeous "metallic plavendurpleish." I did a sort of spiky/starburst thing with Cabron, a really, really, almost black dark purple. Two coats of each.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nail Polish

Moving on to the cute portion of this nail polish bottle roundup, I present to you Etude House's ice-cream-shaped bottles. I mean… nail polish bottles shaped like an ice cream cone? TAKE MY MONEY. NO. TAKE MY WHOLE WALLET.

Etude House is a Korean brand and, as such, their website is entirely in Hangul. To get these, I went through KollectionK, which ships lots of Korean brands to US addresses.

I've owned and tried other Etude nail polishes. This one's a thicker formula than the others I've tried, but it applies smoothly and dries quickly.

Below I've swatched the milky purple, which is a super dusty lavender shade. I added a little purple sparkle via NCLA's Sunset Strip on my ring finger.

And a few I don't own yet...

Peripera Perfume Sparkle Cat Nail Polish bottles are not only sparkly and perfumed, they have the cutest little cat handles in the all the land. I don't own a bottle (YET), so I can't tell you much about how it applies, but obviously these are cute!

Peripera is another Korean brand, so you have to be creative when it comes to purchasing them. I found these on En.KoreaDepart.com.

Anna Sui Nail Polish is so cute, I can hardly stand it. I've yet to get my hands on one of these bottles, but it's only a matter of time. They're a little steep at $15, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't paid that much (or more) for a single bottle.

Anna Sui also has this really pretty rose-shaped nail polish bottle and a few other designs that are swoon-worthy.

Oh, Hot Topic. The place where angsty teens mingle at the front entrance and contemplate which meme or trend they'll showcase on their t-shirt this week. Or was that just my mall?

Anyway, despite the rep that Hot Topic has for enticing a certain crowd, this blonde-haired, Mennonite-raised lady has sauntered into the store a few times herself. To their credit, they have some wicked bright pink eyeliner that looks awesome with a bit of gold, shimmery eyeshadow (and a bajillion coats of mascara, duh).

They also have some rad nail polish, including this glow-in-the-dark stuff that rests inside a skull-shaped bottle.

Are you a sucker for packaging as much as I am? Do any of these polishes appeal to your senses?