This Conversation Heart Manicure Will Make You Want to Bite Your Nails

Because they looks so delicious — not because you're stressed about Valentine's Day or anything.
Publish date:
February 11, 2016
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I have a hard time justifying my love for Valentine’s Day. The grumpy curmudgeon part of my brain just tells me that it’s a mostly made-up, commercial holiday, but the child in me loves celebrating love.

This is the fifth Valentine’s Day that I’ll spend with my boyfriend, so we’re kind of over the roses and candlelight dinner phase and will probably go see a movie and gorge ourselves on heart-shaped candy. Whether you're celebrating with friends and family, a special someone, or not celebrating at all, you can always low-key participate with a Valentine's Day themed conversation heart manicure.

The first step is to either file your nails to an almond shape (or put on fake ones) then paint with a nude polish.

Most of my nails were broken down to the quick, which wouldn’t really work with this manicure. For a quick remedy I applied the Kiss Full Cover fake nails in the Active Oval shape and filed them into an almond shape. These nails are great because they are thin and short enough to look somewhat realistic.

So many of you were helpful in the comments of my last nail-art tutorial with recommendations for nude nail polishes! I ended up picking out this Sephora by OPI polish in the shade Don’t Feed The Hand Models.

To make the hearts, you’ll need a few different polishes in pastel candy colors. You could also just choose one color for an even subtler look. I think this would look super-cute with the nude base and all white hearts.

Making a heart is a simple two-step trick. First, plop two dots of polish where you would like the top of the heart to sit.

Then, take your nail-polish brush and pull the dots down at an angle to make the rest of the heart. For this manicure, I filled in the entire bottom of the nail with the polish to have the pointier tips of the nails be the bottom of the heart.

Create a heart on every nail in different colors and let them dry all the way. The rest of this manicure can go two different ways. If you like the hearts to be simple (as they are in the above picture) you can skip the red polish and throw on your favorite topcoat at this point.

To add the conversation heart messages you will need a red polish (I’m using Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Red Red) and a very tiny tool. I started off with the teeny dotting tool in the photo and ended up needing to switch to a striping brush.

Outline the hearts with the red polish. The brush gives a thicker line than the tiny dotting tool, but it is much easier to get a clean line especially if you have shaky hands like I do.

Fill in the hearts with your cute little conversation phrases and top with a top coat.

And just incase you wanted to know what the nails would look like without the outline, and I just added a little XO to the ring finger:

  • How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?
  • What phrases would you put on your nails?