Quick Question: Would You Wear Nail Polish That Perfectly Matches Your Skin Color?

I assure you, it's a much different look than bare nails.
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November 13, 2013
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The other day, I received a big ol' bubble-wrapped bag o' nail polishes from Clinique: upcoming additions to A Different Nail Enamel, their new nail polish for sensitive Sallies.

They call this limited-edition color collection Shades of Beige, but I really think it should be called Shades of Skin, even though that would be slightly creepy. See, almost immediately, I noticed that one of the colors matched my skin tone pretty much perfectly.

And whaddayaknow? It's called Birthday Suit!

I quickly swiped on two coats this morning, so please pardon my cuticles--I just wanted to see what the general effect is.

To my surprise, it isn't anything like bare nails. My nails, have a pinkish tone--I'm assuming because the blood underneath is visible--but the polish almost looks like a continuation of my skin, except smoother and shinier.

Almost all of the other colors in the group, which go on sale next month, could work as matches for a range of skin tones, the only exception being the off-white Room Service, not pictured. (If your skin is literally off-white, you may want to look into a more iron-rich diet. Just saying.)

Sometimes I look at my nails in this color and really like it; sometimes it reads a little strange to me. But you tell me...

Quick Question: Would you wear nail polish that perfectly matches your skin color? Other than these Clinique colors, what other brands' colors have you seen that are close matches for your skin tone?